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New Federated Search Blog Consolidates Industry Information

SANTA FE, N.M., March 26, 2008 — Federated Search now has an industry-specific, vendor-neutral research site: The Federated Search Blog ( Before the blog, organizations seeking federated search applications were forced to scour the Internet for information on the rapidly evolving technology, shifting vendors and news. The blog owner and host, Sol Lederman, spotlights topics such as the basics of federated search, resources, conferences/shows and industry news. He conveys insightful analysis with academic wit, providing an opportunity for readers to take part and be interactive. Lederman states, "There's a lot of confusion surrounding federated search, what it is, what it does, even the right terminology. My goal is to create awareness within the industry of the new developments, new resources, capabilities and problems with federated search."

Information Research

The Federated Search Blog recognizes that a single, industry-specific reference site is imperative to help give direction to the growing industry. Factors that influenced the blog creation include:

-- Federated search is becoming a must-have, not just a 
-- Many organizations investigating federated search 
   simply do not know how to go about implementing 
   federated search.
-- Due to lack of industry knowledge, many organizations 
   inadequately define their federated search requirements.
-- The industry's rapid change makes it difficult to 
   casually research technologies and vendors if potential 
   buyers are juggling several projects at once.
-- Industry questions posted on disparate blogs, message 
   boards and sites miss the traffic of those experienced 
   in the industry.

While the blog is sponsored by Deep Web Technologies, a
federated search vendor, the site remains vendor-neutral,
hosting a resources page with a wide array of blog links,
powerpoints, industry reports and links to vendor websites.
"It's about creating a one-stop, authoritative place for
people to research and educate themselves on the process of
integrating federated search, or problem-solving their
existing application" says Lederman. "This is not marketing
literature. This is about the technology behind all of

What's Next?

The intensely competitive federated search industry has
attracted the attention of search giants like Google and
Microsoft, who recognize the growing need for the
aggregation of all premium, internal and web-based content.
The Federated Search Blog debuted in December 2007 and
already has a subscriber base of over 200 readers hungry for
updates and industry-specific discussions. To further the
blog's educational and community efforts, Lederman plans on

-- Podcasts of interviews with industry experts

-- Collaborative book reviews

-- Guest postings from industry bloggers, vendors and 
   interested readers

-- Message boards or forums

"The blog is an ideal platform for people looking to purchase, interested in exploring, or already using federated search to discover and discuss their perspectives and experiences in any number of areas," Lederman said. Readers may contact Lederman at


Darcy Pedersen
Communications Coordinator
Deep Web Technologies
Phone: 505.820.0301 x233

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