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Niche Site Design Introduces the First 100% Money Back Guarantee, No Questions Asked, for Adult Turnkey Design

PHILADELPHIA, April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Adult Turnkey Design Company, Niche Site Design, along with entrepreneur business blog, is now offering the adult design industry's first 100% Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked on niche sites, reality sites and cam sites to all customers, no matter the dollar amount they spend.

As JT, President of Niche Site Design, said, "It has been a long time coming and we believe we are the first to offer the money back guarantee in the adult turnkey design industry. While others are guaranteeing their work with the so-called satisfaction guarantee, which we at Niche are still yet to figure out, Niche hopes this move will encourage others in the industry to back up their guarantees with cash." As JT says, "If you expect others to believe in your designs, shouldn't you show them that you believe in them?"

JT says, "It is disheartening receiving phone calls from individuals that have spent thousands of dollars for a turnkey website that has no aesthetic value to it whatsoever and will never make a penny for the prospective entrepreneur that maxed out his or her last credit card for it. These types of calls are numerous at Niche, almost on a daily basis, and very depressing and we desire to never receive another one. We only hope that customers start demanding the adult design companies offer the 100% money back guarantee because this is the only way we see the industry becoming fair to the consumer. Shouldn't you have the right to refuse the product and receive your money back?" As JT says, "The more consumers educate themselves on the industry the more empowered they will become."

If you are a prospective adult business owner and desire to know more about the industry before you spend your hard-earned money, please contact JT Keenan at email or call 610-659-9184 or just read our adult blog: