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Nonprofit Community Action Group "The Last Responders" Now Fielding Auditions for Television Reality Show Pilot

Show will feature grassroots efforts to create jobs, restore hope, recover from disaster and empower citizens

MARION, Ill., Nov. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Former educator and current philanthropist Ronald Clark is excited about the economic future of the country. His organization, The Last Responders, is in the early phases of a project that will turn Americans' bright ideas into must-watch, inspiring reality television. The premise is simple: Teams from across the country will brainstorm concepts for creating local jobs that help local people in a contest dubbed the Billion Dollar Scavenger Hunt. Thinking "outside the box" is heartily encouraged.

The Billion Dollar Scavenger Hunt hopes to involve players from every corner of the nation. Teams of up to twelve people can sign up on the Last Responders website ( The teams will create a short film that showcases their original concept or plan for economic growth. Individual players are requested to bring only $2.00 to the team, which will become part of the seed money for the team's project of choice. Organizers ask that submitted films express one or more of the following themes: Hope, Trust, Plans, How, the Unknown, You, Absorb, Respond, Reflect, Goals or Share. A real-world example of such a project is a classic car restoration, the sale of which creates funds for re-investment in the community.

Alternatively, teams may write and produce a short TV spot that highlights the growth potential of local industries, such as green energy, tourism, education or transportation. These public service announcement-style spots can be used in a local fundraising effort. If the production is especially compelling, the spot may one day be seen by millions on national television. Members of The Last Responders are happy to share film ideas, concepts and technical advice. Simply send an email to Email and to Email.

"Rebuilding communities, whether in the wake of an economic or natural disaster, requires an upfront investment of trust and hope," said Clark. "The Billion Dollar Scavenger Hunt calls upon people to engage with their friends and neighbors, invest some of their time and energy for a worthy cause, and look toward the future with confidence, not fear."

According to Clark, Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich" is one of his most profound inspirations. He recommends it to anyone serious about making a difference in life. For the purposes of the reality show, he suggests that all participants think of Hill's book as a foundation for the journey from idea to application.

Since 2005, The Last Responders has been instrumental in helping rebuild lives and jobs. As the name implies, the group has also put "boots on the ground" following some of the nation's worst natural disasters, including hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and the F5 tornado that ripped through Greensburg, Kansas.

About The Last Responders

The Last Responders is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people fulfill their dream, passion, or calling. The organization is the brainchild of a twelve-year-old boy who was inspired by his father. The Last Responders does not seek fame or fortune; it does not take or solicit donations. Likewise, there is no political agenda or endorsement of a political candidate.


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