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NTN Redefines Resident Screening

Ensure sustained cash flow, profitability and growth while making credit compliance easier

PORTLAND, Ore., April 26, 2010 — Since 2005 the credit industry in the US has implemented rigid credentialing rules for those requesting access to consumer credit files to help combat the 50 billion dollars lost each year to credit fraud and identity theft. Confirmation of identity, permissible purpose and data security constitute the focus. Remaining responsive to problems in the US real estate industry, National Tenant Network created NTN DecisionPoint for use when screening applicants for the 38 million residential rental units in the US. NTN DecisionPoint provides subscribers with high quality analysis, business efficiencies and bankable value that will improve cash flow, profitability and growth.

NTN DecisionPoint

NTN DecisionPoint serves the interests of subscribers from Enterprise Level Managers to independent landlords. For the Enterprise Level Manager, NTN DecisionPoint is fully customizable to incorporate company standards in the analysis, score and recommendation.

NTN DecisionPoint reviews an applicant's background and produces an overall score, much like a credit score, along with a corresponding rental recommendation – both of which are based on a thorough and objective analysis of both the applicant's credit record and his or her history of eviction(s) and/or lease violation(s). NTN DecisionPoint also takes into account longevity of employment and longevity of residence, thereby ensuring a higher probability of overall resident retention. In addition, the NTN DecisionPoint report is accompanied by a comprehensive NTN tenant-performance profile, a detailed eviction and lease violation history, screening history, landlord identification and terrorist search.

NTN DecisionPoint is redefining how to manage business efficiently. Quality rental decisions provide sustainable profitability, positive growth, risk control, asset protection and preservation.

NTN is a nationally recognized leader in resident screening and leasing services. NTN has been covered and recommended by CNN and NBC News.

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