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NYC Nursing Home Therapy Consortium Centers for Specialty Care Group Launches Flash Mob Contest Project Rock 'n' Roll

Well-known providers of nursing home therapy and short term rehab, Centers for Specialty Care Group, is unveiling a company-wide project entitled Project Rock 'n' Roll.

NEW YORK, June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Centers for Specialty Care Group, a trusted care-giving group in New York and New Jersey, has recently launched a flash mob contest, which will take place across all of its centers. Available online at, the nursing home group prides itself on its innovative approach to better health care for its residents and community.

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Launched at the NYC rehab center group's annual corporate conference, 'Project Rock 'n Roll' was devised by Jeremy B. Strauss, Executive Director of Centers for Specialty Care Group. Intended to boost morale, encourage employee bonding, and generally strengthen relationships both between staff members and between staff and patients, 'Project Rock 'n Roll' takes the form of a company-wide flash mob contest.

Creative Director and Flash Mob lead captain, Dina Schwartz said of the launch: "During my presentation, I was discussing our corporate vision and the goals and campaigns that we are implementing to strengthen our mission and in the middle of the segment, which addressed our employees and the vital role they play, I had a flash mob team break out. It was unexpected and pretty spectacular. It was gratifying to see how the executives and administrators present enjoyed the production, and they are very much excited to get their employees involved in the competition. Today, creative efforts to encourage and inspire staff, to recognize and nurture potential leaders, and to increase job satisfaction are more wide-spread than ever."

As part of the contest, each center will appoint a flash mob captain and rehearse a devised flash mob routine to be performed to the song "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The song's lyrics, "Validation comes from giving it back to the people," rings true to our corporate mission and employee credo. Each flash mob performance must also incorporate the Centers for Specialty Care Group logo. Performances will also be filmed and submitted to a jury consisting of celebrated choreographers from the acclaimed Broadway School of Dance and Derek Mitchell, a judge from the popular Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

All flash mobs will be conducted before October 31, 2013. Prizes will be awarded to the top three centers. "It is certainly special to be part of a corporation that strives to foster a positive work environment, and which celebrates and encourages teamwork. True to our core values: everyone matters, everyone cares. So keep dancing to the beat, spread it across the country!" said Schwartz.

For more information on Centers for Specialty Care Group, visit the nursing home therapy consortium's website at The nursing home group offers a range of services including occupational therapy, bariatric rehabilitation, as well as onsite kidney dialysis at many of its 22 facilities. For questions about the group and its services, email the nursing home consortium at Email or call a representative at 718-408-5100. Centers for Specialty Care Group is also present on Facebook at

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