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NZN Labs Puts Fitbit, FuelBand and UP to the Test Against LIT in Action Sports

LIT Gives Users Maximum Data In Head-To-Head Challenge of Today's Most Popular Activity Trackers

TEMECULA, Calif., May 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Today, NZN Labs, Inc. (, announces the results of The LIT Challenge putting the industry's most popular activity brands to the test next to the newly launched LIT Activity Tracker. Currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo (, LIT gives users optimal data in a challenge with Fitbit, FuelBand and UP in action sports such as surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and motocross.

"Unlike other trackers, LIT is designed to be rugged and robust so you can leave it on 24/7, even in the snow and surf," says Ricardo Camargo, creative director and co-founder of LIT. "When you start active sessions, LIT seamlessly begins tracking all the movements that make your sessions important and translates that into scores and highlights that you can share on social media platforms."

The team at NZN Labs, Inc. selected various locations throughout California to compare the experience delivered by their LIT Activity Tracker to those provided by existing products. Specific activities included running in San Diego Harbor, surfing at DMJ's in Camp Pendleton, snowboarding in Mammoth, skateboarding and BMX at the Krause Skate Park near San Diego, and riding motocross at Lucas Oil MX Park in Perris.

Summary of Results:

  • Over five days, LIT tracked:
    • 223 min. surfing (2191 paddles, 39 turns, 2.6 max g)
    • 197 min. snowboarding (63 airs, 64.7 sec airtime, 1.9 sec big air, 76 turns, 3.2 max g)
    • 61 min. skateboarding (253 airs, 185.8 sec airtime, 1.3 sec big air, 320 turns, 2.9 max g)
    • 131 min. riding moto (212 airs, 137 sec airtime, 1.4 sec big air, 107 turns, 6.2 max g)
    • 29 min. riding BMX (149 airs, 126.2 sec airtime, 1.4 sec big air, 72 turns, 3.1 max g
    • 70 min. running (12,228 steps, 7.6 miles, 9:14 / mi pace, 10.2 mph max speed)
    • 61 hours of other activity including walking (22,179 steps, 10.5 miles)
    • 47.3 hours of inactivity (includes sleeping, sitting, etc.)
  • Over those same five days, commercial activity trackers tracked:
    • FitBit
      • 33839 steps, 4764 calories, 16.8 miles, 108 stairs
    • FuelBand
      • 34414 steps, 4874 calories, 15788 Fuel Points
    • UP by Jawbone
      • 35729 steps, 4527 calories, 17.6 miles

"While existing products do an awesome job interpreting steps and general activity, none of them provided metrics or scores relevant to my lifestyle," says Richard Zinn, CTO, co-founder, inventor of LIT, and avid action sports enthusiast. "Not only does LIT track movements for Action Sports, but it scores your everyday activity in an informed way."

LIT is a modular, rugged, water resistant, activity tracker designed for Action Sports. While LIT certainly scores day-to-day activities like walking and running, it is specially designed to recognize, analyze and score movements during action sports sessions for surf, skate, snow, mountain biking, BMX and motocross.

LIT connects to smartphones via Bluetooth LE to transmit data and share scores through the app with friends and on social networks.

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