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OfficeBook Ups the Value of Its Cloud-Based ERP Software Suite With Affordable Customization

OTTAWA, Ontario, May 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — OfficeBook Inc., the software development firm behind OfficeBooks business management software (, has consistently sought to meet or exceed customer expectations. Now, the team is putting even more power in the hands of its clients with the rollout of new customization options.

Previously, cloud based custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) software came with a significant price tag, not to mention the necessity of dealing with the industry's biggest, but not always most client-focused, players. Lengthy development projects often test the patience of businesses, and the deliverables are not always as promised. OfficeBooks therefore looks to be quite the game changer, bringing high-quality customization to more businesses than ever before.

"With customization, small business owners can adapt OfficeBooks to their specific needs, whether that's new input fields, numbering schemes, design schemes or user authorization protocols," explained OfficeBook President and Founder John Hunter. "The options are almost limitless. Our development team is eager to work collaboratively with clients to ensure the finished software product is exactly what they had in mind."

Hunter continued: "Until now, customized cloud based ERP software suites were cost-prohibitive for all but the largest manufacturing operations. Dynamics, Epicor, Netsuite and other expensive packages have monopolized the market for too long. The OfficeBooks team has worked tirelessly to change the dynamics by making customization on the small and medium scale an affordable option for the first time."

One of the most compelling potential customizations is the ability for clients to add additional data fields to the input screen. Users frustrated by a one-size-fits-all approach to business data will enjoy this truly custom feature, which also affects the types of reports users can generate. Custom data fields mean greater options in the information that goes into the system and also the extent to which reports are customizable.

Custom OfficeBooks deployments naturally provide all the features and benefits of the baseline version of the software suite. Users have access to straightforward accounting tools, contact management solutions, work orders, sales and purchase orders, and up-to-the-minute inventory and resource control. More importantly, OfficeBooks resides in the cloud, meaning on-site servers, storage space and IT staff are rendered obsolete.

Because customization is somewhat more intensive in terms of development, additional time is needed between the initial order and the deployment of the finished software suite. Similarly, custom deployments incur a development fee along with a slightly higher subscription cost. Still, the advantages of tailored ERP software for small and medium businesses make the investment more than worthwhile.

The standard (non-customized) OfficeBook suite is still available for free at the introductory, single-user level. To access more features and allow for an unlimited number of users, clients pay a modest monthly subscription fee.

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