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ONEXENO Launches New Revised Website with Blog

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Feb. 10, 2009 — The new revised ONEXENO website includes the official rules for three games – ONEXENO Basic, ONEXENO Solitaire and ONEXENO Canasta. This website website also includes a blog pages with eight blogstreams:

GENERAL COMMENTS for questions and a general discussion of ONEXENO.
BASIC GAME for a discussion of rules for basic ONEXENO game.
SOLITAIRE GAME for a discussion of rules for ONEXENO Solitaire.
CANASTA GAME for a discussion of rules for ONEXENO Canasta.
NEW GAME VARIATIONS for a discussion of new games using the ONEXENO cards.
FORTUNE TELLING for a discussion of ONEXENO cards used for Fortune Telling.
PRESS RELEASES to post our Press Releases.
ANNOUNCEMENTS to post announcements of our meetings & events.


Penrose Press's new card game ONEXENO(TM) was launched for the Canadian market at the Toronto Toy & Hobby Show. During February, the game will be shown at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

Penrose Press is currently seeking North American distribution for this exciting new strategy game, ONEXENO (pronounced one zeno). The game will be sold worldwide through retailers and on the Internet. In addition, consumers may purchase the game directly on the website – – for US$19.50 (MSRP).

The fresh modern design of these cards is based on high-tech pattern matching technology. The deck contains 70 unique cards representing the complete set of TriHadamard kernels. ONEXENO is quite possibly the most unique game to come to the market in years. The basic game may be played by 2 to 7 players, ages 7 to 70. Players make points by arranging rows of edge-matching cards. When a row of five cards is complete, the player takes the points indicated on the face of the card. This simple rule leads to exceptional complexity and engaging strategic play.

The official rules and order forms can be found at –

Look for ONEXENO at your favorite game and toy stores.


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Ray Lauzzana
Penrose Press

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