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Online Bad Credit Lender Warns Families To Avoid Spending More Than They Can Afford This Christmas

>Surging holiday spending statistics prompt personal loan website to urge Americans against out-of-control spending.

NEW YORK, Dec. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Christmas is just around the corner and, this Holiday season, a voice of restraint is coming from an unlikely source: a leading online personal loan resource. Popular online lender website is urging consumers to limit spending on gifts if it cannot be afforded. Borrower feedback has the lending resource concerned; they wish to encourage families to be careful not to overextend or fall victim to predatory lending or money scams in an effort to buy more gifts.

The website helps people who have bad credit rebuild financially and gain access to financial opportunities that are typically closed to people after their credit reports are ruined. 

"Many families who have worked so hard to rebuild their finances after a number of very difficult years are especially vulnerable during the holiday. I'm not promoting being a Scrooge, rather just reminding folks to make wise decisions. The spirit of the holiday is as much being together with your family, and giving in itself, not getting the newest gadget," stated Ariel Pryor, personal finance expert with the firm.

According to the website, this time of year is about more than just presents, eggnog, and Christmas lights. People are encouraged to remember the joy of being with the ones you love, exhibiting kindness to family and strangers, and giving rather than receiving.

The company has a strong history of giving. The popular online resource has been in operation since 2008, and offers a number of financial resources designed for people who have a bad credit score and cannot get approved with traditional banking programs. 

Visitors can apply for personal loans up to $2000, get approved within minutes and have the money wired direct to their bank account—money, which can be used however they desire.

"We speak with hard working, good, smart people every day who ran into financial problems that destroyed their credit.  I just don't want to see people who have been moving heaven and earth to get back on their feet financially set back needlessly," added Mr. Pryor.

Research from the American Research Group has predicted the average family will spend $854 in Christmas spending.  The research is expecting a 32% increase from 2011 spending averages.

For people that do choose to borrow for the holidays, the website encourages people to work only with trusted lenders, avoid too much debt, and opt only for the best, longer term loans that will make repayment easier.

"People should avoid any scam loans that ask for money before funding, or any loan offer that doesn't clearly state the interest rates and repayment terms up front and clearly before a commitment is made," added Mr. Pryor.

The buying pressure this Christmas may be enormous for American families but, in this case, at least one lending source is reminding people of the true spirit of the holiday, and is making an effort to give back itself.



The website helps people face the future confidently, end anxiety over bills, and re-open the doors of the financial system that were thought closed by bad credit scores.

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