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New Online Resource Careers After School Offers Educational Advice to Parents of High School and College Students

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — A new website has been launched that gives valuable yet practical career advice to parents of high school and college student children so they can be guided into paths of fulfilling and lucrative careers.

The North American labour market offers some great opportunities for current high school and college students:

  • Many industries, such as Healthcare and Information Technology, are growing
  • Accelerated and mass retirements in the coming decade are going create many job opportunities
  • Demand for knowledge workers with specialized technical skills is high and several employers compete to hire from a shrinking talent pool.

The solution isn't to accumulate massive student loans with the sole objective of graduating with a university degree. There is a major disconnect between educational institutions and employers, which is why the economy experiences skills shortages and high youth unemployment at the same time. Many in-demand and lucrative careers do not require a university degree but will require some form of post-secondary education and training. This is why parents need to educate themselves about various careers options for their children.

Careers After School was started by Pavi Toor, a Human Resources Manager with an extensive background in Human Resources Management and several years of recruitment experience. He has successfully hired over 1000 candidates, ranging from highly skilled tradesmen to seasoned managers with global experience. His personal experience with high school and co-op work experience programs, post-secondary education, human resources background, and a desire to help concerned parents gave Toor the idea to start this site. He knows about the general trends in the many industries, what hiring managers and companies are looking for in applicants, and has some strategies on how current students can choose and qualify for career.

Toor strongly feels that parents are the most influential factor in guiding the educational choice of students after high school. His point of view is that students always turn to their parents first when they desperately need wisdom, guidance, and money to pay for their schooling. The goal is to educate parents that the right education and early work experience will be major factors in students eventually obtaining fulfilling and lucrative careers.

While Careers After School echoes many of Toor's own experiences, he also encourages readers to share their own Career Success Stories and to talk more about their careers as it will provide a larger base for parents and students to find a path that would suit them. The Career Spotlight section will introduce readers to in demand careers, specifically job requirements so they can plan early and accordingly. He also encourages conversations on the Careers After School Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you're a parent of a student looking for advice, or wish to share your story or highlight your career, Pavi suggests checking out, or finding him on Facebook ( or Twitter (@CareerAftSchool).