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Is Open Source Stronger than Proprietary CMS? Asks PlanetMagpie in New White Paper

"Open Source Vs. Proprietary CMS: Which Is Stronger?" demonstrates what to look for when choosing a content management system

FREMONT, Calif., Feb. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Choosing a content management system (CMS) software to manage your website isn't the most appealing process.  Hundreds of CMS exist, ranging in price from thousands of dollars to nothing at all.

Well, wait.  Free CMS?  Doesn't that make the choice easy?

Not so fast, says PlanetMagpie.  The Bay Area IT Consulting/Web Development firm has released a white paper you may want to read first.

Two Kinds of CMS – Which is Worth the Cost?

There are two main types of CMS – those built as open source (where the underlying code is freely available to modification), and those built as proprietary, or closed source (only licensed developers can modify the underlying code).

For organizations needing a secure, well-supported website, the question comes down to:  WHICH IS STRONGER?

The white paper examines 7 factors affecting the strength of a CMS:

  • Security—How vulnerable is an open-source CMS to attack?  Is a proprietary CMS less vulnerable?
  • Support Options—Is a support option viable if it's not accountable to you?
  • Developer Type— Who would you prefer supporting your website's software . . . paid developers or volunteers?
  • Updating—Does the CMS make updating the site easy for non-technical users?
  • Administration Time/Cost—How much time will you have to invest in learning and customizing the CMS to your needs?
  • Installation/Hosting—Does your web host support the CMS' underlying technical needs?  Could you move it if you had to?
  • License Cost—Is "Free Software" really free?

Is Price Everything When it Comes to Running a Website?

Everyone wants to save money on tech.  And there are good examples of "free" software out there.  But, according to the White Paper, a careful examination of your business' priorities should be made before choosing an open-source/"free" CMS.

"We're offering this White Paper to save our clients time," says Doreyne Douglas, Manager of Web Development at PlanetMagpie IT Consulting, which created the White Paper.  "They come to us wanting to implement a CMS, but sometimes they aren't sure what type.  Or what to concern themselves with when making the choice.  This White Paper gives them a reference for those concerns, so they can make an educated decision on what will run their website."

Download the white paper: "Open Source Vs. Proprietary CMS: Which is Stronger?"

Doreyne Douglas