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The Orchestra Unleashed Redefines Genre with Unique Music Project Providing "Royal" Experience to Backers

"Storms in the Desert" embraces modern technology to offer extraordinary orchestral music encounter

LOS ANGELES, June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – As orchestras around the country struggle to survive an ongoing decline in attendance and financial health, modern artists continue to re-think traditional models for orchestral music. One group, The Orchestra Unleashed (TOU), has entered the world of crowdfunding with their latest project: Storms in the Desert: the Sons of Jacob.

For people who delight in fine wine, art, literature, and cuisine, TOU is giving an opportunity to experience the sumptuousness of the orchestra and voice through recordings, new technology, and in-person interactions with the artists. The usual appeal to the public to support orchestral music centers on a sense of duty to uphold a long tradition, sort of like 'eating one's broccoli'. TOU's approach focuses on the special experience of orchestral music.

According to Artistic Director, Gustav Hoyer, "People are continuing to turn away from mass-produced foods, clothing, and art and are seeking out authentic and refined experiences. You can see this trend in the explosive growth of artisan coffee and the move to organic and locally sourced foods. Newly composed orchestral music offers the same type of experience. It is rich, subtle, and complex. It connects with the past, but has the stamp of modern taste and sensibility as well."

For centuries, orchestral music represented a level of luxury only available to the wealthiest patrons. Nobles would hire and retain both players and composers to create music specifically for their enjoyment. The wealthier the household, the larger the orchestra was. Although there was also an abundance of folk and popular music that filled the background of everyday life, the orchestra was considered a special experience that demanded attention in its own right.

With the development of electronically amplified music in the early 20th century, popular music became dominated by more intimate ensembles of 4-5 players, and the orchestra moved into its current fight for survival. TOU believes that technology will help revive it for the next generation. Their current project will continue their development of a prototype visualizer to depict the sounds from the various instruments. This will help backers perceive some of the intricate and beautiful layers that constitute the full texture.

Hoyer continues, "Listening to orchestral music is like hearing a story in which the listener's imagination is a character. Moving beyond being background sound, the richness and complexity of orchestral music rewards careful attention in the same way as a good novel or film."

In the past, only the wealthiest people would have access to the pleasures of the orchestra. But now, until July 2, TOU is offering some unique ways to experience this royal pastime. Rewards range from high-quality recordings to private concerts and the privilege to join the artists in the recording studio as they craft this majestic music, note by note.

Gustav Hoyer ( has a history of presenting live orchestral events. Since 2009, he has produced a series of live performances in Los Angeles, and has composed numerous scores for concert hall, stage, and screen.

Metropolitan Opera soloist Philip Webb ( brings his vocal talent to this project. He has performed leading roles from many of the world's most beloved operas.

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