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Young Students with a Passion for Animals Experience Life as a Vet at Explo Vet Summer Program

Students ages 10 to 12 learn to care for and save the lives of animals

NORWOOD, Mass., March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Claire just started her own dog rescue program, and is already planning out how she'll design her vet clinic and rescue shelter. Eliana has dreamt of becoming a veterinarian since the age of two, and knows she wants to work with sick and injured animals that require extra love, attention, and care.

"It's a really fun program, all the kids are really nice, and I really love all the trips we get to go on," Claire says. "We went to the Animal Rescue League of Boston, where I got to ask a ton of questions about how to set up a rescue organization, how to get foster families, and how to advertise. They gave me a lot of awesome answers — they have 190 foster families, and I'm really jealous! But I loved touring their shelter. And then we went to NEADS, where they train assistant dogs for military veterans, and that was really interesting!"

Explo Vet gives each student the tools they need to make their dreams happen, along with a whole new respect and understanding for the field of veterinary medicine and its practitioners. Students don't simply gain an introduction to the field of veterinary science at Explo Vet, they get the chance to work side by side with some of the most acclaimed domestic and exotic animal vets in Boston.

From Day One, students will conduct snout-to-tail assessments on dogs and cats, learn how to measure vital signs, and diagnose diseases. They'll conduct ultrasounds on animals, figure out how to accurately read X-rays, and discover what it takes to treat the most wild and dangerous animals among us (at the zoo, tranquilizer darts and lassos are essential). And through a course in Pet CPR, they'll learn how to read the signs of distress and save an animal's life.

With each new experience and journey, students grow more confident not only in their ability to become future vets, but also get the opportunity to interact with students from all around the world, making friends and getting the insider access they just wouldn't be able to experience anywhere else.

Since 1977, Explo has been running highly successful, residential and day, hands-on summer programs on the campuses of Yale University, Wellesley College, and St. Mark's School. And since the beginning, we've encouraged and inspired our students to experiment with new ideas, find their passions, and let nothing stand in the way of pursuing them. Explo Vet, a Focus Program on the campus of St. Mark's School (located just outside Boston), is designed to help them do just that.

"I would tell students they should definitely come because it's an experience that can change your life forever," Eliana says. "It's so cool here — this is probably the only program of its kind around — and it's a place where you just have so much respect for your peers and everything you're learning. I would tell them to go on the website and check it out, because it's awesome."

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