Press Release Headlines Opens the Doors to Foreign Currency Exchange With User-Friendly Interface, No Fees and Unparalleled Support

TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands, Dec. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The foreign currency exchange market, commonly known as Forex, is a fast-paced and unpredictable environment, teeming with sharks and barracudas. offers tangible advantages to both new and seasoned Forex traders, not the least of which are free deposits, a 500 to 1 leverage ratio, and live support throughout the business week. Based in the British Virgin Islands, has recently added Thai and Russian to its list of languages, expanding the cosmopolitan scope of the organization.

Forex trading is a competitive, but potentially lucrative operation. Currency trading is arguably faster and easier than trading stocks or other commodities. For instance, brokers in the currency markets typically don't charge any commission to their clients. Instead, they earn their money from the actual "spread": the tiny variation between bidding and asking prices that makes Forex trading work. provides both 4 and 5 decimal quotes for all currencies on the market. A 5 decimal quote enables a trader to profit from even the most miniscule difference in bid and ask prices. also offers the lowest spreads available, a 100% deposit bonus and zero fees on all deposits. The average trader usually requires help making a deposit large enough for significant returns on investment. This "help" is called leverage; leverages $500 dollars for every $1 deposited, which allows clients to get the most bang for their trading buck.

"As traders, we know by experience what our clients deserve," says team member Yutkin Alex. "Our knowledge and experience have provided us with the opportunity to create the fairest, most flexible and most stable environment for trading. We believe our many satisfied clients are a testament to the high quality and performance of our system."

In the event of a technical or customer service issue, offers convenient live support. Professional, courteous specialists are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

As with any investment product, there is potential for loss in Forex trading. However, works hard to provide the best platform and tools to maximize the success of every client.


PaxForex was founded by a team of professional traders with the help of investors. The PaxForex website has been live since June 2011. The owners of the company have extensive experience in Forex, stocks, options and CFDs markets as traders and dealers.

The team gained its experience by working in managerial positions with the largest brokers, who are now the company's major competitors. is not a giant corporation. It's large enough to always meet customer demands, while still small enough to provide some of the most unique products and services in the industry.


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