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Payelp, E-Commerce and Business Development Platform for Online Merchants, to Sponsor and Speak at Game Monetization Summit December 5-6

Payelp Global CEO Presents at Summit in San Francisco on "Successfully Monetizing Emerging Regions in Gaming"; Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer for VentureBeat, to Moderate

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The 2012 Game Monetization Conference, held in San Francisco next week, will offer gaming companies networking opportunities, roundtable discussions and numerous panels offering advice on a variety of topics important to gaming companies, topics such as effectively monetizing in-game items, establishing and growing the customer base (gamers' loyalty), maximizing RPU, in-game advertising and more.

Payelp Global (a subsidiary of DengiOnline), one of the major sponsors of the Game Monetization Summit, is more than just an e-commerce and online payments platform, offering payment solutions worldwide. The company also offers valuable tools for merchants (such as tax and currency management, business licensing, marketing and networking, and more) looking to earn more money worldwide, as Payelp has offices around the world, including emerging regions like Russia and Latin America.

The CEO of Payelp Global, Albert Donahue, will be speaking on December 6th at the Game Monetization Summit on "Successful Monetization Strategies for Emerging Regions and New Demographics." Mr. Donahue has years of experience and expertise in the payment industry, as well as extensive experience in the online gaming industry, having worked with companies like Valve, Aeria Games, and more. He understands the gaming industry well, having successfully worked with large gaming platforms and top payment service providers worldwide, and believes that the online gaming industry (digital goods) is the main reason behind the e-commerce growth that we have seen recently.

Albert will be speaking on the panel along with top executives from Google Payments, Kabam and NPD; Dean Takahashi, lead writer for GamesBeat (VentureBeat), will moderate the panel. Mr. Donahue will discuss key strategies in monetizing emerging markets such as Russia/Ex-Soviet Republic countries (Kazakhstan, Armenia, etc.) and Latin America, such as gaming preferences of players in those regions, and how to successfully monetize abroad. In addition to revealing payment options that work best in each region and country, Albert will discuss other factors that are important to know before entering into new regions worldwide, such as business licensing, taxes and business structure.

According to Donahue, "The gaming industry and its products are providing the next level of interactive entertainment that will continue to entertain many generations to come. RPG, MMO, MMORPG, social games and casual games are experiencing explosive growth. At Payelp, we see the possibilities and opportunities in helping more gaming companies reach global coverage and much larger scale. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge and experience of monetizing the gaming industry at this year's Game Monetization Summit."

About Payelp Global:
Payelp helps businesses grow their revenue through local and global e-commerce. One simple contract and easy integration provides clients with over 300 localized payment solutions offered worldwide (both traditional and alternative payment types), business licensing, tax and currency management, logistics, customs fee management, website localization and optimization (for each region), and market/payment data analytics, all with no up-front fees, minimum transaction, or monthly fees. Payelp also minimizes risk for clients by providing fraud and chargeback management. For more information, visit Payelp online at or e-mail Email

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