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Picatic, a Crowdfunding Platform for Event Ticketing and Event Management Space, Addresses Frustration Incurred by Exorbitant Service Fees with FairPay, a Pay What You Want Ticketing Model for Events

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — We live in a world full of abused, disgruntled and frustrated event organizers and event attendees because of over-manufactured ticket fees, which include multiple service fees, convenience fees and more. Picatic, a crowdfunding platform for the event ticketing and event management space, has finally solved this problem. The company is forgoing the industry standard transaction-based model of a pay per ticket service fee and is giving full control to event organizers and allowing them to choose what they want to pay with FairPay.



The pay what you want ticketing model of FairPay is helping Picatic pave the way for organizers to host outrageously successful events by partnering and investing in each and every event. There are no application fees, no setup fees, no base fees, no transaction fees and no service fees. Picatic takes care of everything! The Picatic platform seamlessly integrates credit card fees but does not profit off any of these incurred charges.

Here's how it works: Upon completion of the event, organizers are given the opportunity to choose what they want to pay in service fees, if they choose any, with no obligations. No gimmicks, no hooks! Picatic anticipates organizers will pay what they want after the development and fostering of relationships and after Picatic has provided them with great valuable services.

CEO Jayesh Parmar said, "The world is tired of being nickled and dimed with service fees! Our aim is to partner with organizers to create successful events that the world will love to attend. By investing in organizers, we are completely confident that they will take care of us."

Along with offering FairPay to crowdfunding clients, Picatic is excited to offer this feature to regular ticketed events in addition to launching a new API, new interface, new interactive event creator and many other great new features.

Picatic is paving the way and making events better for everyone. Picatic – built for event success.


Picatic is a crowdfunding and traditional ticketing platform for the events space. Picatic empowers event organizers to create, manage and promote events of all sizes while encouraging organizers to choose their own service fees with FairPay.

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