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Popular Prank Call Service Fart O Gram Provides Even More Potent Fart Calling Opportunities

New Contact Book feature allows fart calling fun to be easily shared with others

JUPITER, Fla., Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Not to toot their own horns, but the masterminds behind the popular Fart O Gram prank call service have let it rip once again – and this time they've really busted arse to elevate the fart call to a whole new art form. (Okay, not really – but there are more beefs, butt trumpets, air biscuits and bottom bups than ever before!)

Let The Prank Calls Rip – Even More Ways To Cut The Cheese!

From office pranks and dating pranks to male and female specific phone calls and from oddities like Ninja farts to flatulent telemarketing skits, Fart O Gram offers near limitless opportunities to float a funky air biscuit to your friends', co-workers' and colleagues' phones! 

Share Stinkers, Crop Dust Your Contacts and More!

Plus, at the new and improved Fart O Gram, you can record, listen to and even submit and share your telephone toots with other Fart O Gram members. There's even a new Contact Book option so toot targets are stored any time the inspiration strikes to 'bake up some brownies'! And, if the free 3 pranks per day just aren't enough, credits and premium features are easier than ever to purchase .

Fart O Gram The Game – Earn More Sharts & Farts With Each Level Up

With the fun new Fart O Gram game, members can also hone their trouser coughing skills and earn new malodorous melon cuts every time their character levels up.

How To Use Fart O Gram

Sending a flatulent phone call with Fart O Gram is as easy as 1-2-3-Fart!

Step 1: Sign up for free at

Step 2: Enter the phone number to be pranked

Step 3: Select one of the countless fart-acular prank call scenarios

Fart O Gram: Let 'er rip! Sit back and listen in and enjoy the reaction on the other line.

About Fart O Gram

Fart O Gram is a free, lightly ad supported prank calling website service, offering a variety of gut-busting flatulence-filled scenarios. Users can opt to place their prank calls from their own phone number or anonymously. Some restrictions may apply, specifically to callers and target phone numbers in the states of CA, PA, FL, IL, MI, WA, MS, MA, CT, NV, NH and VT. Visit for details. 

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