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Portland, Oregon Landfills Less Full as GreenDrop Recycling Stations Help Elephants Delicatessen Promote Sustainable Practices

PORTLAND, Ore., May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — GreenDrop Recycling and Composting Stations, from Pacific Cascade Corporation, are now helping Elephants Delicatessen to further reduce landfill contributions while increasing public awareness.  Elephants understands how small efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle can make a significant impact, benefiting community and the environment.


Elephants has been a leader in sustainable practices; purchasing 100% of their electricity from renewable resources, as a pioneering member of Portland Composts!, and a Metro Recycle Works participant. Elephants has made great strides in reducing their environmental footprint, and wanted to do more. Now Elephants has deployed GreenDrop Recycling and Composting Stations at their retail sites so customers can more easily help reduce landfill waste. GreenDrop Recycling Stations reduce landfill contributions by users quickly self-sorting recyclable and compostable items out of the waste stream.

"Throughout our company, employees know our Green Statement and our recycling process, but our customers don't always know how to participate.  For example, we use biodegradable and compostable packaging and service ware.  Our utensils, bags, plates, coffee cups, and more can all be composted," said Anne Weaver, CEO of Elephants.

Each GreenDrop station has four individual bins, customized to fit the waste needs at individual locations or consistent throughout a large venue.  Elephants provide customers the options of Composting, Glass Recycling, Comingled Recycling, and Trash (Landfill).  Customers are guided by graphic instruction labels so they can quickly and easily sort their waste into the correct bins.

"We saw the GreenDrop Stations in use at the Rose Garden, where the Portland Trail Blazers play, and thought it was the perfect solution for our needs," explains Elaine Rhine Tanzer, Elephants Delicatessen's Founder.

"We currently prevent over 1000 pounds of food waste and soiled paper from entering our landfills each week, by composting all our kitchen waste. We know we can dramatically increase those numbers with the GreenDrop stations," added Russell Spees, Director of Operations for the Flying Elephants locations.  "We've invested extensive energy and research to be as eco-friendly as possible.  90% of food packaging at our Flying Elephants stores is fully compostable.  We have salad containers that are 100% petroleum free and made from corn products.  We don't want those items filling up landfills."

The unique, market-leading GreenDrop Recycling Station was designed through multi-year efforts of the Portland Trail Blazers head office and the Rose Quarter.  Their landfill diversion rate increased from 38% in 2007 to 90% in 2011, in part by replacing old-style garbage cans with GreenDrop Recycling Stations. GreenDrop stations reduce landfill contributions by visually guiding users to properly dispose recyclable items.  GreenDrops are a key tool in reducing a venue's environmental footprint through fiscally responsible sustainable operations.

Lyle Peters, Director of Sales for GreenDrop, adds, "We have hundreds of stations deployed at several sports arenas throughout the country and now Elephants Delicatessen is the first strictly food service operation.  Elephants' dedication to the community and the environment has been an inspirational project for our Pacific Cascade team. We hope other companies follow their lead."

GreenDrop Recycling Stations are a proven asset when investing in facilities operations and public perception. Contact us to discuss how GreenDrop stations can enhance your recycling/composting program.

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Founded in 1979, Elephants Delicatessen pioneered the gourmet food market in Portland by introducing fresh pasta, fresh-squeezed juice, sun-dried tomatoes, cheeses imported from Europe, espresso drinks, olive paste, fresh pesto and really good, wholesome food to go.  With six retail locations and a Catering Kitchen, they make all of their food from scratch and purchase local and sustainable produce. They also find and offer selections from local, regional, national and international eco-conscious & artisan companies.  Elephants has been recognized in its commitment to the environment and community, and holds Portland's Sustainability At Work Gold Certification.

Since 1987, Pacific Cascade has been providing the Parking, Hospitality, Traffic Enforcement, and recently the Environmental Sustainability Industries with products to manage and support their effective operational needs.

Media Contact:
Lyle Peters
GreenDrop Director of Sales