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Privacy Ref Hosts Roundtable Series to Benefit Businesses Implementing New Privacy Initiatives

Innovative program includes expert advice, open discussions and brainstorming sessions

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla., June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Concerns surrounding how businesses protect personal information from their customers and employees are growing every day. To address these concerns many businesses are starting new privacy programs to establish policies, train employees, and verify compliance.

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"Starting a privacy program can be daunting especially when you consider the legal and regulatory requirements a business must meet," according to Bob Siegel, founder of Privacy Ref ( "When I put my first privacy program in place brainstorming with other professionals in a similar situation always resulted in improvements for all of our efforts."

To help businesses along, Privacy Ref announced today that they are introducing a new Roundtable series dedicated to businesses that are starting a program for their organizations. The program includes:

  • Six bi-monthly virtual meetings (the final schedule will be determined by the participating group) plus an initial organizational meeting,
  • Participant-driven topic selection,
  • Presentation by the Privacy Ref facilitator on the selected topic,
  • Open discussion and idea exchange among participants,
  • Guest speakers on specific topics when appropriate, and
  • The establishment of a closed LinkedIn group to allow for the exchange of ideas.

As with all Privacy Ref Roundtables, no more than ten attendees will be participating in each group. "Limiting the number of participants in each Roundtable group allows everyone to contribute to the discussion by sharing questions, concerns, and ideas," according to Siegel.

Registration for this Roundtable Series is open until June 21st with roundtable sessions beginning later in the month. If you are interested in participating in this unique program, or if you have any questions, contact Privacy Ref at (888) 470-1528, via email at Email or visit their website at

About Data Privacy Ref

Privacy Ref is a provider of consulting services aimed at helping businesses develop, implement, and/or improve privacy policies, procedures, and technology for handling customer and employee data through the use of best practices. The company applies lessons learned managing international privacy and security requirements for large enterprises and tailors them to the needs of their clients. Privacy Ref provides services ranging from assessing an existing program, reviewing or creating privacy policies and processes, assisting with awareness training, to building a privacy program from the ground up. Privacy Ref can also affordably provide a Privacy Office for small and mid-sized businesses. Privacy Ref can be reached at 888-470-1528, emailed at Email or contacted via its website at

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