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ProDocumentSolutions Introduces a New Concept in the Security and Verification of Election Ballots

PASO ROBLES, Calif., Jan. 9, 2009 — ProDocumentSolutions (Pro), a leader in election printing, announced they have developed a new method of securing and verifying Election Ballots, named SecuraVOTE(TM). The voting process currently used has created credibility and confidence issues with the general public. Electronic voting is also very controversial; subject to perceived validation and manipulation issues as well as system failures which fosters over-scrutiny by the media and public. The new technology provides government the ability to make sure duplicate votes are not allowed and provides the voter with a method to assure their vote was counted. Paper ballots are manufactured with a stub which incorporates a unique 24-digit secure algorithm code and is given to the voter at the time they voted. The ballot also incorporates an encrypted 2-D barcode which holds only the unique 24 number digits and is scanned with the ballot for further reference.

The unique 24-digit numbers are not sequential, not predictable, non-repeating, not pre-stored in a database and utilize the strongest security encryption methodology known. The voter's 24-digit secure number is routed to a secure verification database which can be accessed by the voter either by SMS Text calling or going on-line to a secure site and filling in the 24-digit number. This method indicates irrefutably to the voter that their vote was counted. Since the 2-D barcode only contains the 24-digit number and nothing more, the voter can be assured of absolute privacy and anonymity. In addition, since the 24-digit numbers never repeat, it is easy for election officials to make sure that no ballot is ever duplicated. The patent pending process is voter-friendly, is reliable, is uncomplicated for election officials, provides voter anonymity, provides multiple verification methods and provides an open process for transparency.

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ProDocumentSolutions (, a security printing company along with its two sister companies Verify First Technologies ( and International Security Products (, is recognized as a world leader in the development and patenting of effective anti-fraud solutions. Established in 1979, Pro provides many of the security solutions to entities and Governments in over 20 countries through its two security printing facilities located in California, USA. VFT has been awarded 19 security patents and has 4 pending. ProDocumentSolutions has been recognized for its superior security contributions and most notably by achieving the coveted 2006, 2007 and 2008 Grand Winner PSDA Document Security Peak Awards. The portfolio of patented security technologies is licensed through VFT under one license agreement which allows security printers to take advantage of any or all the technologies without having to pay multiple royalty fees.

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