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Professionals Moving Overseas for Placements Can Courier Their Belongings Quickly and Cost-effectively, Reminds Send My Bag

LONDON, June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — When moving overseas for a work placement, planning and budgeting can be nerve-wracking, but global international couriers Send My Bag is reminding people that travelling with a large amount of luggage can be a stress-free and inexpensive process.

It is common in many professions to take assignments in overseas offices and depending on the number of months the appointment lasts, business people may need to take the majority of their clothing and additional personal items, such as furniture. Also, if the destination is far away, or if it is not easy for the person to make regular visits home, he or she may take the whole family overseas for that period of time. Not all companies will pay to move all of the family's belongings or there may be a budgetary limit to the expenses, so further to the stress of leaving home and learning about a new country and its culture, the cost has to be carefully calculated.

The vast majority of airlines allow travellers to check in one piece of luggage and the weight limit must be strictly adhered to, meaning costs can quickly spiral out of control even for one person, let alone a whole family. Additionally, having to transport multiple bags to the airport and then to the new home at the destination is far from a relaxing experience, and, again, can be a surprise expense.

Shipping companies like Send My Bag that specialise in helping people, whether professionals or international students, to move their possessions country-to-country not only remove the hassle of travelling with baggage, but also the inflated airline costs. Whether just one piece of luggage requires carriage or the contents of an entire family home, travellers just need to label the bags or boxes, wait for collection and meet the belongings at the journey's end.

Adam Ewart, founder of Send My Bag, said: "Each year, a large number of people move to another country for professional reasons. Sometimes this is for a few weeks or it can be for a couple of years if within Europe or if a visa or sponsorship has been granted; in either situation, more than one suitcase is usually required and this can be extremely expensive and create anxiety for the individual or family travelling.

"Send My Bag helps students, professionals and even holidaymakers with excess baggage to get their possessions from one place to another, quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Plus, we can move belongings with just 24 hours' notice, meaning last minute trips can also be incredibly stress free."

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