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PromoWorks® Introduces INTER:FACE™ Insights Consumer Survey Solution to Enhance In-Store Sampling

Touchpad Based Shopper Marketing Solution Provides Brands with Immediate Feedback Right as Shoppers Try the Product

SCHAUMBURG, Ill., June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — PromoWorks®, an innovative leader of insights-driven shopper marketing solutions and in-store engagement, announces the rollout of INTER:FACE™ Insights, a new consumer survey technology that combines the influence of live brand interaction (sampling/demos) with the connectivity and speed of digital.

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INTER:FACE Insights adds a digital touchpad survey device to in-store engagements to instantly capture shopper feedback at the point of trial, from product attribute rankings and flavor preferences to brand awareness sources and purchase intent. The instant feedback of INTER:FACE™ Insights eliminates the issues of consumer recall found in traditional survey methods. Brands also benefit from the ability to view a full survey report within 72 hours versus the weeks it can take to get scan data. This provides them with much quicker response time for any needed plan adjustments to solidify success in the critical early days of a product launch or program. In addition, the digital touchpad adds 30+ seconds to each shopper engagement, which translates into more time to convert shoppers into buyers.

One example of these benefits involved a new product that had shelf placement in an area of the store not typically associated with the product category being targeted. The client ran two in-store engagement programs several months apart. In addition to product taste and attribute feedback, they used INTER:FACE Insights to validate their shelf placement awareness efforts and make marketing adjustments accordingly.

In another example, shoppers were asked to try several different new flavors of a brand and vote for their favorite, bringing a promotional campaign to life in the store. One interesting side benefit that came out of this test was a 41% increase in sales, test versus control, with INTER:FACE Insights. This highlights the impact of the extra 30 seconds of shopper engagement. Another key insight uncovered was that over 80% of the shoppers surveyed first heard of the flavor vote campaign through the in-store engagement vs. less than 10% through TV advertising and less than 6% through social media.

"Our digital capabilities allow us to add qualitative insights to the store level quantitative results we receive directly from our retail partners' POS systems and the household level reads we get through our R.I.S.E.™ measurement studies," said Dan Lyman, VP of Shopper Insights & Strategy. "This provides a holistic picture that brand teams need to keep their new products on track."

An added benefit of the INTER:FACE Insights survey program is the ability for brands to integrate their marketing assets through videos shown on the touchpad, links to websites and social media, email and text options, digital couponing, and more.

PromoWorks® is an innovative leader of insights-driven shopper marketing solutions. The company offers unique strategies that enhance the retail experience through customized shopper engagement and product sampling/demo events. Since 1999, PromoWorks has partnered with CPG manufacturers and retailers nationally to transform the in-store experience – and their highly trained Engagement Specialists™ have influenced over 1.3 billion shopper buying decisions. The company's use of advanced shopper insights and proprietary staff recruiting, selection and training technologies enable an enhanced shopping experience, boosting a brand's equity in-store. PromoWorks is widely known for its pioneering research and groundbreaking ROI measurement tools that track sales results up to 20 weeks after a sampling event. For more information visit

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