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Proposed Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine Threatens to Expel BP from Our Hemisphere in the Pages of Rick Lacey's Thought-Provoking Political Thriller, The BP Corollary

On the 4th Anniversary of the Spill, the Truth Is Finally Being Told in the Context of Fiction

FORT MYERS, Fla., April 15, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Former BP insider Rick Lacey takes the BP issue over the heads of our leaders directly to the people. His latest book, The BP Corollary, explores the idea of a corrupt foreign oil company that buys off our government, courts, media, and the scientific and academic communities as it engages in a cover-up with the participation of our government and its agencies including the Coast Guard, EPA, and NOAA. Lacey explains why justice can only be served by extending the Monroe Doctrine to foreign corporations and using it to force BP to divest its US assets, pay all claims and restitution, and exit our hemisphere.

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Unlike the deluge of books exploring the cause of the spill at the first anniversary of the disaster, Lacey begins with the explosion and focuses on subsequent events he says were conducted in full view of a population deceived by BP's $100-million public-relations campaign.

The book is a 400-page indictment making the case that the BP corporate culture precludes the ability to reform. It must be taken seriously in light of the fact that its author is a former BP senior financial analyst who warned the nation with an anti-BP book ten years before the spill. Given that his predictions and warnings have come to pass, Lacey claims authority to lead the public debate.

He crafted his tell-all as a contemporary political thriller, so the reader must draw the line between fact and fiction. The book reveals why events at BP facilities are inevitable and why the company is attempting to renege on its "Commitment to the Gulf." It provides the required history going back to the Knights Templar and the development of our financial system and discusses debates between our founding fathers and their alliances with the Baring and Rothschild banking families. It compares BP actions here to its exploitation of Iran and blames much of the world's problems squarely on BP.

Lacey admits using fiction to avoid a BP "cease and desist." He wrote the book in 6 months while documenting his progress with daily tweets still viewable at @RickLacey2 using #BP. The pre-publication version was vetted during an exclusive period with Amazon. The book has enjoyed rave reviews and has the support of the legal community currently battling BP before US Fifth Circuit Court Judge Barbier in Louisiana. Lacey stands ready to debate any BP spokesperson at any time.

Rick Lacey is an articulate and controversial speaker scheduling interviews for the fourth anniversary of the spill to explain and elaborate on the truth. Journalists are encouraged to contact Rick for answers and input.

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