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Psychology and Spirituality: Enneagram Experts and Enthusiasts from Around the World Converging on Washington, DC Area August 6 – 8 for 10th Anniversary Conference

CINCINNATI, March 4, 2004 — An ancient tool for interpersonal understanding, self-awareness and personal growth, the Enneagram now holds a significant place in the personal and spiritual development movement, in therapy and the mental health care field, in business communication, in jury selection and in the creation and casting of motion pictures. From August 6 to 8, 2004, practitioners and students of the Enneagram will head to Arlington, Virginia for the 10th annual conference of the International Enneagram Association (IEA), on the theme, "Using the Enneagram Creatively: Waking Up to New Possibilities."

Major highlights of the conference include a keynote speech by postmodern theologian Matthew Fox, author of Original Blessing and 23 other books, a series of sessions on personality subtypes by world-renowned Enneagram pioneer Claudio Naranjo, M.D., presentations by leading Enneagram teachers, including some of the founders of the IEA, and a diverse program featuring the latest Enneagram work.

"We're especially excited to coordinate an international exchange of ideas on the Enneagram," says Beatrice Chesnut, conference coordinator, referring to an International Day taking place just prior to the conference on Thursday, August 5. Last year, attendees hailed from 16 countries besides the U.S., including Venezuela, Thailand, the Netherlands and South Africa.

In addition to over 50 sessions of the highest-quality Enneagram work being done around the world today, the IEA 2004 conference will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the founding of the IEA organization with a party on Saturday night. Receptions and evening events will give conference participants a chance to socialize and network with like-minded Enneagram enthusiasts.

Registration for the conference is handled through the IEA web site at or by calling the IEA at (513) 232-5054. More information about the conference is available from media coordinator Francoise Chesaux at Email or (310) 374-6301.


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