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PureTick Offers Advice for Both New and Seasoned Traders Looking to Improve Post-Tax Season Financial Outlook

Co-Founder & Head Trader/Advisor Alex Wasilewski combines "Trades That Work" with Varied Professional Past to Create Winning Trading Method

DESTIN, Fla., April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Now that tax season and the first quarter of 2013 are in the rear view mirror, many may find themselves given to reflect: what do I need to do in the months ahead to get my financial life on the right track?

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PureTick Co-Founder and Head Trader Alex Wasilewski, whose stewardship over the company as well as its YM trading room has resulted in a five-year, 89% success rate, offers some advice for both "newbie" – would-be investors – and seasoned traders alike: trading is about forging ahead, even while losing, to ultimately arrive at one's own winning formula, even in the midst of a volatile financial environment.

Wasilewski, whose own methodology involves the Trades That Work (TTW) Filter/Trigger system he has honed over many years, understands that trading is not for everyone – and that misconceptions abound.

Given the challenging economic and jobs climate, many people naturally consider what they believe may be short-term fixes to brighten their financial picture, such as a stint with trading: invest what little they still have, in hopes of quickly reaping a reward that will provide a future nest egg or help them "catch up."

"They see trading as more of a 100-yard dash rather than a marathon," says Wasilewski, adding that trading newbies often believe they will become profitable in a matter of months and that "losses mean they are doing something wrong."

Rather than promote himself as an infallible guru, Wasilewski asserts, "I talk about my losing years. I try to dispel the idea that trading is like a guaranteed lottery win. It's tough love, like a sports coach or military drill instructor. Clients don't follow some 'black box' technique that I invented, but rather practice on a no-risk simulator. They have to prove they can develop a successful trading plan that produces consistency for themselves."

Despite this "take-no-prisoners," hard-core approach, many find Wasilewski not only charismatic, but compassionate, someone who is actually more of a comrade-at-arms and education-focused mentor. Wasilewski credits his pre-trading careers, which include tenures as a New York policeman, a truck driver, bartender and his experience as a pilot who flies his own plane, that has imbued him with a "real world" sensibility and relatability.

"No single profession prepared me for success coaching others to trade. It was the sum total of the disparate careers that helped me develop an understanding of people from all walks of life. I've lived many sides of the human experience," he explains, emphasizing, "I am one of them even as I have grown successful. I have worked with many of varying financial status, yet I see the commonality of my traders—all trying to better themselves."

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