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Women Have a Built-in Advantage in the 'Man's World' of Online Trading, Finds's Tanya Quinn

DESTIN, Fla., June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Oceans of ink have been spilled over decades, if not centuries, on the gender gap in the working world, and much-lamented is the savvy businesswoman whose talents may go unused and unsung. Yet while the traditional trading world has long been the province of men, online trading offers women some distinct opportunities.



Tanya Quinn, Operations Manager and Client Advisor for, a leading online trading company with an average 89% success rate, thinks it's quite possible women may have some "built-in" advantages to help them excel in trading. Read on:

  1. Women who are not the main breadwinners are often more able than men to pull the trigger without emotion.
  2. Women are often more practical than men, more "realist" in decision-making.
  3. The traditional trading world is more of an "old boys' club," but online trading offers a genderless, faceless world of parity between men and women. The loud cacophony and sharp elbows of the trading pit are replaced by the click of the mouse and noiseless cursor.
  4. Women generally pay attention to trends, and in trading, "the trend is your friend."
  5. Trading at its most elemental is buying and selling – something women have been doing for centuries. They have keenly developed instincts honed over many generations and know a bargain when they see one.
  6. Online trading offers a work-from-home flexibility that appeals to women, especially those who are looking for opportunities to generate income while raising children and juggling other family responsibilities.
  7. According to Jon Najarian, co-founder of, women "seem to have less of their egos involved with their trades."

Quinn, whose pre-trading background includes travel industry management, for both corporate and leisure travel, and event planning, also has some valuable advice for anyone – women and men alike – in the pursuit of their professional and personal objectives. The following qualities are ones that she and her late husband, Bob Quinn, touted to their three children to inspire them:


Patience: We taught our children that having patience will help you achieve your goals. If you show patience, even with little things, you will be able to acquire many skills and talents. Being patient will give you great advantages in life. It will make you into a better, stronger person who is able to handle him or herself even in difficult times.

Pride: Pride is about character. It's about integrity. It's about discipline and will. We taught our children pride in one's work translates to honesty, integrity, and credibility and these translate to trust in you. Pride is also important because it demonstrates that you will not accept less than what is possible, less than your best.

Perseverance:  Very early in each of our children's lives we taught them to never give up. We taught them that perseverance is the will to see things through until the end in spite of fear, obstacles, discouragement, and opposition. We taught that with perseverance they can accomplish great things.

Prayer: The importance of prayer in our family taught our children what it means to have faith and hope. Through hope, our journey became lighter as we shifted our focus from our hardships to our wishes.

Peace: Last but not least, we taught them: if you are kind, forgiving, respectful, honest, and courageous, you will become a person of character. You will have peace and joy.

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