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Queens NYC Mold Removal Company Donates Time, Effort, Funds for Struggling Low Income Families

NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As mold cases are on the rise in NYC from Hurricane Sandy flooding, FEMA and insurance companies alike are turning down claims over unrealistic reasons, who can help exterminate the mold infestation taking over New York City?

As property owners and home owners are being turned down by FEMA for help to those that have been denied their insurance claims, many have been forced to dip into their own pockets to clean up, salvage, and repair their properties and homes. Most people have only a few options – sell their homes, take out a 2nd mortgage, or even a loan modification. Any person seeking a loan from a major financial institution will have to provide a certificate of clearance from a professional home inspector. This home inspection will obviously include documentation of the flood damage of Hurricane Sandy, but more so the toxic mold growth which is now taking over most of NYC.

So that takes care of the homeowners but what about the people that live in apartment buildings or homes where they were denied relief funds or insurance claims?

Five Boro Mold Specialist, along with their technicians, have come together to start a Hurricane Sandy Toxic Mold Relief Fund. This fund is available for low income families, of which, may apply for a chance at being selected for a Hurricane Sandy Mold relief package.

Motty Katz, owner of Five Boro Mold Specialist stated, "Over 50 low income clients have already been helped by not only Five Boro Mold Specialist, but our technicians are also donating their time, money, and efforts to help those in dire need. We will be accepting applications through email only, as I am sure we will be inundated with application requests, especially after Hurricane Sandy Flooding."

To Apply for the Hurricane Sandy Mold Relief Fund –
email  – NYCmoldman{at}

About Motty Katz
Mr. Katz has been providing NYC with environmental services for over twenty years. As Motty Katz has been acknowledged in many ways for helping shape the environmental industries in NYC, he has also been featured in the NY Times, has been on numerous TV stations, along with winning a number of awards for his achievements in NYC mold inspection services.

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Motty Katz
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