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E. Ralph Morgan, Senior Gemologist, A.G.A. and Retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Discusses High-Value Gemological Missions

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — E. Ralph Morgan was honorably released from active duty from the U.S. Navy's SEAL Team Four in February 1986. Following that, he immediately attended the Gemological Institute of America and became a Graduate Gemologist after finishing the residence course held at the school's previous location in Santa Monica, California.

After working at the school in the colored stone home study department, he bought a portable gemological lab, which he has carried on numerous buying trips around the world. Some of these assignments include South America, Africa, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and Central America.

He loves to travel and assist clients in the safe purchase and transport of gemstones and precious metals. He has performed as a Subject Matter Expert for private, governmental and corporate concerns and has done numerous public speaking engagements on his passion for the mysterious world of the precious stone. He supplies a resume on request and an array of references from satisfied clients. He currently enjoys the support and respect of both active-duty SEALs as well as his fellow retired U.S. Navy SEAL Team members. Mr. Morgan may be contacted via e-mail at Email.