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Rear View Safety Encourages Drivers to be Proactive with Road Safety by Using Backup Cameras

NEW YORK, July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Rear View Safety is an online retailer that specializes in the distribution of backup cameras for both the consumer and commercial markets. Its products help to prevent accidents nationwide, and protect both vehicles and the people driving them. While being outfitted with a car or truck camera isn't yet required by law, the company is taking strides to making enhanced safety the norm.


Naturally occurring blind spots that exist in the rear of a car have been at the root of much vehicular damage since their invention. Backup camera systems help to curb some of these statistics, and bring much needed protection to the road. Cars will hopefully one day be able to drive themselves, but until then Rear View Safety's efforts help to ensure that we've taken every precaution in keeping ourselves safe.

"Providing our clients in any sector with the highest quality and most affordable rear view camera on the market has always been our number one goal. We don't think that driving a car with extra safety equipment should be a luxury, but rather the standard. Give us a call about any one of our cameras today," said Eli Spalter, the CEO of Rear View Safety.

Keeping in line with company values, it released the RVS-091407, a single camera unit that is available online for $249.99. The monitor included replaces the existing rear view mirror of a vehicle to offer full mirror image capabilities, along with a 4.3" LCD monitor that interfaces wirelessly to its 130-degree rear view camera. The camera is fully shock and weather-resistant, ensuring utmost durability during any time of the year.

Rear View Safety has a Fleet Solutions program to better assist its clients that oversee entire fleets of cars and trucks. Fleets are provided a dedicated company representative that will perform a site visit and assessment, as well as maintaining all future contact. Bulk discounts and retroactive replacement parts are also available for fleets.

To be proactive about driving safety trends, view Rear View Safety's full line of backup camera systems at Customers may call a representative with questions at 800-764-1028 x100 during regular business hours. It maintains an active social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter at and at .

Media Contact: Joseph Schecter

Phone Number: 800-764-1028