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"Regular Guy" from Texas Introduces Proprietary Stock Option System

Allen Sama has made 5% weekly gains using credit spread technique

ROSENBERG, Texas, Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Allen Sama, a regular guy, is making over 5% weekly gains by selling weekly stock options. The trading "System" he developed gives him trading signals when conditions in the stock market are optimal to trade.

After years of fine tuning his 'System' and keeping it to himself, he finally decided to share and let others take advantage of the trading signals. He has released a complimentary report that shows exactly what he is doing and how others can do the same. It is available at

The main trading strategy behind the System is the credit spread. This is an option selling technique in which traders sell one option and buy another farther away from the money. This results in a credit to the trader's account. By selling time premium the trader takes advantage of theta decay. As days go by, the options are worth less and less until they hopefully expire worthless.

Since March 2011, there have been 59 trades with 57 winners and only 2 losses. The average gain is over 8%. These are trades on weekly options, aka: "weeklies", which mean the holding period is only 6 or 7 days. Each trade has a probability of profit of greater than 80%

While Sama continues to make above average gains, he does not promise any home runs. Each trade is designed to aim for a 5% gain. Most do better, but 5% is the goal.

"As an option seller, I look for base hits. I want a couple singles and maybe a double each month. I use strategies that bring me consistent income month after month; no matter what the market is doing. It could be up, down or sideways and I can still profit," says Sama.

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Allen Sama
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