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Replace Polluting Chemicals with the Fibers in The Love Bug Eraser™ When Hand Washing Cars and Trucks This Season

As the warm weather prompts more people to wash their vehicles, Awesome Products Corporation provides an eco-friendly solution for cleaning the bugs, dirt, tar, grime, and brake dust off all vehicle surfaces

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla., June 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — In a market that has typically been dominated by petrochemical-based products used for removing things such as bugs, brake dust, road tar, even cleaning windows, it is now recognized that those chemicals exact a heavy price on the environment and on the people using them.



Typically someone washing their vehicle will first wash it, then use these chemicals to remove the remaining bugs, grime, road tar and brake dust. These chemicals are then washed off, only to end up on the ground and subsequently leach into our groundwater, polluting our aquifers and rivers.

There is also the toll on humans involved. The packaging for these products states, "avoid contact with skin and/or avoid breathing the fumes of these products." These warnings are mandated by the government for a reason.

Don Meyns, president of Awesome Products Corp., states, "The Love Bug Eraser™, containing no chemicals or detergents, will totally clean any and all vehicles using just car wash soap and water, eliminating the need for chemicals. It is also safe for all vehicle surfaces – paint, clear coat, plastics, graphics, glass and metal. We guarantee in writing that our customers will be satisfied."

Why the name "Love Bug Eraser™"? Along the entire Gulf of Mexico coastline, love bugs swarm two times a year. When they die, the fatty tissue in their bodies secretes an acid that bonds them to the paint necessitating removing them in a timely manner. Most people use a professional car wash because they are that hard to remove. Don Meyns states, "If our product can remove love bugs, it can easily clean an entire car of anything on it!"

Bob Livingston, editor of both MotorHome and Trailer Life Magazines, states, "It's destined to allow owners to throw away most of the tools in their cleaning arsenal."

The Love Bug Erasers™ are available on the Internet in single packs and three packs, or to reach high or hard to reach areas, three different kits are available.

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About Awesome Products Corp.

Based in Florida where people can hand wash cars most of the year, they have extensive experience in the field of effective, eco-friendly cleaners. There is a patent pending for the Love Bug Eraser™. They are also the manufacturer of BOSS Sponges™, The Boat BOSS™, and BOSS Aircraft Cleaning Pads™.

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