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Report Aggressive and Unsafe Drivers: Text Them In

Company Launches a National Method of Reporting Aggressive Drivers Via Text Messaging

LAUREL, Md., Sept. 2, 2008 — Every day there are thousands who drive on our nation's highways like they own the road: speeding, weaving in and out, tailgating or blowing their horns in anger. Is it any surprise that, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, one third of all accidents and two thirds of all vehicle-related fatalities are caused by aggressive drivers? What is a responsible driver to do about them?

Maybe the aggressive driver has a company vehicle with one of those "How's My Driving?" signs. Many of these 800 numbers go to recordings or, worse, are not in service.

For the millions who carry cell phones in their cars, there is now an easy and safe way to report aggressive drivers. A new system called Text Them In allows you to anonymously report dangerous drivers by sending a text message from your cell phones.

All you need to do is text the tag number/state/car color/location and what happened to 839846 (TEXTIN). Then you can go to the website ), enter your cell phone number and receive a complete list of aggressive incidents you have reported. If the vehicle's tag and owner are registered at the website, a text message or email will be instantly sent notifying them of the incident. The owner would then be able to contact the driver and take corrective action.

All drivers, including parents of teenage drivers, businesses and fleet operators can use this program notifying them when the vehicles they are responsible for are being driven by others in an unsafe manner.

With millions of additional eyes on the road reporting unsafe drivers Motor Vehicle Departments, law enforcement, insurance companies, and non-profit organizations like MADD and SADD will have the additional resources to maintain safety on America's highways.

839846 (TEXTIN) is operational on all carriers nationwide including Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. To test the system, send the text message "textin test" to 839846 (TEXTIN), then go to our website to view your message.

Text Them In does not charge for messages sent, however, carriers' standard message rates apply. Text Them In does not condone texting while driving and furthermore considers this unsafe driving that should be reported.

For more information on this exciting program, and to become involved in our effort to improve the safety of our highways, contact Alvin Butler, Sr.


Alvin Butler, Sr., President/CEO
Text Them In, Inc.

toll-free: 866-617-8701
in Maryland and Washington, DC: 301-617-4260

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