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The Revolution Is Being Televised: Late Night Republic, Starring Jake Sasseville, Launches Its Next Cycle, All Grown Up, on March 17, 2011

NEW YORK, March 18, 2011 — Jake Sasseville and his turbo-charged series, "Late Night Republic," launches brand-spanking-new episodes this week.

Between visiting a Rabbi, bringing Arabs and Jews together in a classroom to teach them Hebrew and Arabic, respectively, or offering life-changing advice (from a sketchy van) to eager passers-by in New York's sketchiest neighborhood — this season of Late Night Republic is smarter, quicker, and growing up!

LNR Studios has also entered into a one-of-a-kind relationship with the Starwood Hotel's Aloft Hotels, focused on discovering new music. Together, they are featuring upcoming musical gems like New York City's indie-rock band Black Taxi, Black Book Magazine's CMJ and SXSW fave DeadBeat Darling, and soul sensation Tre Williams & The Revelations. Jake and executive producer Travis Granfar have created an ensemble of comedians and contributors from around New York City and the country (the "Republic"). Over 100 people besides staff from LNR Studios have contributed content in these upcoming eight episodes — creating the most participatory TV show in late night.

Jeff Eisenberg, Jake Sasseville and Travis Granfar serve as the show's executive producers and this season, Granfar assumed the role of Director. Travis captures the comedic instincts of Jake Sasseville by framing Jake's on-screen persona as a delusional benefactor to humanity who seeks to bring about Love in the world, but goes about it in all the wrong ways. The formula works because it is closer to real life than most would admit, and the audience is brought face to face with this reality in a newly formatted, docu-style behind the scenes. Additionally, the broader Late Night Republic brand begins to shine through with over a dozen new comedians and performers appearing alongside Jake Sasseville for the first time. Late Night Republic is re-defining the notion of what late night is, and is instead re-imagining what it can be.

Late Night Republic creates content hand-in-hand with its viewers and draws on the members of the "REPUBLIC" for show ideas, guest features, and musical guests. Granfar and Sasseville have worked tirelessly to mobilize the Republic, through zany on-the-ground grassroots efforts and consistently speaking and appearing in local markets nationwide. In 2010, Pringles Xtreme launched a partnership with LNR Studios. Late Night Republic's advertising partners currently include State Farm, Aloft Hotels, and FRS Healthy Energy.

Late Night Republic, starring Jake Sasseville, airs nationwide on CW, Fox, and MyNetwork TV in over 40 million homes. It is one of the only late night shows independently syndicated and funded. Late Night Republic garners an average nightly viewership of 172,000 to 250,000 people.

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