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Rhonda Software Introduces myAudience-Measure – Camera-driven Ad and Retail Product Display Audience Analysis Tool

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia, Dec. 8, 2011 — To help companies leverage the most value out of their trade show, product display or kiosk advertising, Rhonda Software introduces an effective automated way to measure ad impact and audience appeal: myAudience-Measure ( This new computer vision solution uses a USB camera and an Internet-connected PC to track the visitors attracted to a particular display ad or static product display then translates those images into demographically stratified data about audience that is most sensitive to a particular product or advertizing.

Consumers will be pleased to know that myAudience-Measure neither records nor transfers any images or video. Fortunately for marketers, myAudience-Measure still provides useful, accurate audience statistics without the need to save personal visual data.

To use myAudience-Measure, marketers simply mount the USB camera frontally next to the display advertising or a static retail product display, allowing it to face the visitors who view the object of interest. When a visitor in the camera’s field of view pays attention to an advertizing or a static retail display, myAudience-Measure detects the person’s age group and gender and the amount of time he or she directly looks at the object of interest. The data is then compiled in Rhonda Software’s Web Reports Portal, where the user can log in and see raw data, build diagrams, analyze audience characteristics and activity in dependencies and acquire customized marketing report.

The result is a timely and accurate measurement of a target audience that allows a company to measure the impact of its featured product or event advertising. myAudience-Measure data details the effectiveness, attractiveness, attendance, visibility and other characteristics of the display ad by age group and gender. Having access to that kind of invaluable data, said Rhonda Software spokesperson Natasha Chichaeva, means a company “can tweak its advertising to appeal directly to its core audience.”

Test the myAudience-Measure product demo and learn more at

IntelliVision Technology Ltd. (, Auckland, New Zealand, is the exclusive distributor of myAudience-Measure for New Zealand and Australia markets.

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