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Riveting New Novel Focuses on Use of Electronics and Mind Control

Is artificial intelligence being used to control your mind?

SEATTLE, April 25, 2007 — That's the scary premise of an exciting, fast-paced new book, The Mind Keepers, by Seattle-based author Kenneth MacLean.


Although fiction, this riveting novel suggests that the very real threats to American democracy form the interface of radio electronics with computers, applied to brain manipulation. The process, which has great medical and scientific promise, becomes dangerous if it's used to control people's minds.

The protagonist, Michael Neilly, is a former Army Intelligence officer and FBI agent. Neilly is drawn by a sense of duty into opposition against a mysterious "powercast" facility that is going to be built in a small town in central Washington state.

The author, a trained researcher, uses substantially autobiographical incidents based on his years of personal research into the real and potential abuse of microwave electronics.

He takes the story one step further, suggesting that the technology of electronic stimulus of the brain and personality manipulation (mind control) are starting to happen right here in the United States.

Fiction, yes, but the confluence of government, industry and the military (known a generation ago as the military-industrial complex) is alive and well today, especially in terms of radio-microwave technology.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kenneth MacLean descends, he says, "from a story-telling immigrant tradition in which the limits of place and family form the limits of experience." His novel The Mind Keepers brings small town American experience into struggle with the gravest issues of national life. A retired Professor of Literature, a poet and critical essayist, MacLean Lives in Seattle, Washington where he taught at Seattle University.

THE MIND KEEPERS (Fiction/Psychological Thriller/Murder Mystery)
By Kenneth MacLean
5.375" X 8.375" Paperback Perfect Bound, 340 Pages, New World Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-917098-07-9
ISBN-10: 0-917098-07-2
List $17.95 U.S., $25.95 Canada

The Mind Keepers is available at online bookstores or by visiting or calling 800-915-5969.

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What People Are Saying

"Kenneth MacLean's new novel, The Mind Keepers, a distinctly well-crafted thriller by a gifted American poet, delivers a realistic and compelling, cautionary tale with serious political implications."

– Robert Bonazzi, Book Columnist, San Antonio Express-News; Author of Man in the Mirror: John Howard Griffin and the Story of Black Like Me

"The Mind Keepers, an action-packed novel that evolves around a mysterious, electronic weapon, becomes more frightening page by page. Kenneth MacLean's thought-provoking novel makes a good read. You'll never look at a microwave tower the same way again!"

– Dr. John Bean, Professor of English, Seattle University

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