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Sacom Green Biotech and Credentia Reach New US Distribution Agreement to Introduce First Sustainable Fertilizers

LARINO, Italy, Jan. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — SACOM SpA today announced signing a distribution agreement with Credentia Advisors, LLC of North Carolina, USA to address and develop the United States Market for SACOM's green biotech fertilizer product portfolio. SACOM is one of the main microbiology fertilizers manufacturing companies in Europe. The new partnership will introduce for the first time in the US market the Sacom Green Biotech System (SGB), an optimal combination of beneficial micro populations in a carefully managed system, which can rapidly restore a natural, healthy and protective balance to our soils.

SGB formulations uniquely contain especially balanced populations of three types of microorganisms which work cooperatively together to build a highly productive and self-supporting community.

SGB formulations are healthy, natural, highly effective alternatives to chemicals enabling farmers to build up their soil health and grow more nutritious food crops with higher profits and significantly less chemicals.

Credentia, through its varied service offerings, is Sacom's advisor & strategic partner in developing its business in the USA.

"Credentia seeks to architect 'sustainable' deal solutions, financing solutions, and management and project support for partners within industry verticals reflecting sustainability across its constituencies," stated D. Ryan Tyler, President of Credentia. "In this regard SACOM is a perfect fit for us."

Tyler continued, "The fertilizer industry in the US continues to grow and in 2012 represented $58 Billion US Dollars in economic contribution engaging over 245 thousand US Jobs.

"The sustainable fertilizers market share is growing as the industry and consumers become more aware and sensitive to the environment. In addition, effective sustainable agribusiness solutions are rightfully commanding premium prices. Credentia is confident that SACOM products are uniquely positioned to compete in the USA market.  We expect the launch of the products in the USA in 2013 to be very successful given the quality and proven effectiveness of SACOM products, and to become the 1st US sustainable fertilizer provider in 5 years time."

The products will be imported into the USA from Italy but the company, through its collaboration with Credentia, will evaluate all strategic options available including US-based production options.

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