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Sam Jane Brown's First Novel 'Forgotten Word' Doubles as a Thrilling, Suspenseful Page-Turner and a Provocative Conversation Starter About the Role of Religion in Modern Society

Forgotten Word now available on as a digital e-book and as a paperback

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As author Sam Jane Brown's debut novel, titled Forgotten Word, is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide, it's also proving to be a discussion- and thought-provoking piece.

"As I was writing, I don't think I fully realized how thought-provoking Forgotten Word would really turn out to be!" explained Sam Jane Brown, adding, "I've become engaged in so many incredible conversations with readers. It has been simply wonderful!"

The UK-based author, who also works for a major airline, was inspired by a year-long bible study as she penned Forgotten Word. The novel, which has been likened to Dan Brown's iconic book The DaVinci Code, blends mystery, suspense and action. The storyline follows the life of Zena McGrath, an international police detective who is dispatched to the Vatican to probe the death of a priest. The clergyman's death is the most recent in a curious string of events that have claimed the lives of several priests.

Vatican officials insist the priest's death is due to natural causes, but Zena's experience as an investigator leads her to further probe the case. What she discovers is beyond her wildest expectations. Zena joins forces with Cardinal Donatello, who confirms her suspicions: the priest was overcome by a pervasive and powerful evil force that quickly claims its next victim, this time, in New York City.

Zena is flown back to the United States to investigate the latest death and that's when she discovers that she didn't travel alone. She's being tailed by a powerful, evil force that won't back down. Zena is enveloped in a dark underworld that's ruled by Satan worshippers and evil entities that press beyond this underworld and into the mainstream. What results is an outright revolt against religion, with millions across the globe calling for an end to religion.

"It's a storyline that has proven to be very evocative. It's left many to really consider the benefits of religion, especially if it was discovered that religion opened the portal to an evil realm. It has prompted many discussions about the age-old struggle between good and evil, between light and darkness," Brown remarked.

She added, "Could we actually do away with religion? What would take its place? It's intriguing to explore role of religion and the impact these religious principles have for believers on a spiritual and personal level. The concept of a revolution that would bring about a new world order has also been extremely thought-provoking. What would it take? How would it unfold? We've seen witch hunts and power struggles over religion in the past, but to think of it occurring in our modern world on a wide scale – it's really something to consider!"

In Brown's novel, the main character Zena ultimately makes her way to the Holy Land seeking answers and it's here where she makes some incredible discoveries and gains life-changing insights.

Critics have praised Forgotten Word for its suspense, which captures readers and brings them on an exciting ride that has them holding on until they reach the final page.

Forgotten Word is currently for sale on Paperback copies of Forgotten Word are available for $12.38; the digital e-book for Kindle is currently available for $3.50.

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