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Samsung Galaxy S3 Power Cord Gets Cut with 3 New Wireless Charging Options from Monster Watts

Cut the clumsy wire to the charger with wireless chargers that can be installed in seconds.

NEW YORK, March 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Monster Watts, an innovator of power accessories for Apple and Samsung phones, is introducing three wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is considered the most advanced wireless phone today, and yet it still needs to be plugged in to charge the battery.  The wire has now been cut!  You will not forget to charge your S3 or fumble with the wire at night.  You will not pull the charger out of the wall to answer a call, accidentally break the connector or drop the phone.

Monster Watts is introducing not one, but three different options to add wireless charging to your Galaxy S3 in seconds.  It's so convenient and easy to use because you just place the phone on top of the compact induction technology charging pad and like magic, they will wirelessly connect and start charging right away.  Of course, the standard wall charger can still be used if needed.

The first Stealth wireless receiver and charger set is easy to install.  The wireless receiver is ultra-thin and fits under the S3 existing back cover.  Just remove the back cover and locate the 2 connecting points next to the battery.  Then match up the 2 metal studs on the receiver with them, and put the cover back in place.  It's so thin you won't even notice it, and will fit into any standard case.  Model S3WST.  Retail $68.

The second Simple wireless receiver back cover and charger set is even easier to install.  Just remove the back cover and snap the new wireless receiver back in place.  It adds only about 1 mm to the thickness, and will fit into most standard flexible cases.  Model S3WBK.  Retail $98.

The third Super Pack model is an external case with a built-in wireless receiver and rechargeable back up battery.  The S3 slides into it and charges wirelessly.  The phone's battery is charged first and then when that's full the back up 1200 mAh battery gets charged too.  At the end of the day, when the phone's battery is low, just press the power button on the case and the back up battery will start charging the phone.  Model S3WSP.  Retail $118.

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Monster Watts is an innovator of power accessories for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.  Its design team is based in New York and it has factories in Asia.

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