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Sandy Hook Elementary School: From the Perspective of a Clinical Psychologist, 'It Was Our Fault'

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Dec. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The following is a statement from Scott Gordon, Principal Clinical Psychologist at the Capital Therapy Group:

Ban semi-automatic rifles, handguns, oversized magazines and barrel suppressors but, while you're at it, please also work to ban scissors, kitchen knives, ball point pens, shovels, kitten heels and shade cords, these are all items that have been proven to have taken lives in the past.

The issue at hand as it pertains to the unfortunate incident in Newtown, CT has nothing to do with the method by which these innocent lives were taken but has everything to with Adam Lanza, his apparent mental illness and what appears to be his sudden onset psychosis and deep maternal resentment that presented with the use of legally obtained firearms against small children.

Adam Lanza made a decision on that fateful day; he decided to leave his home, drive to the elementary school his mother is employed at and kill. Would he have been successful had he not had access to his mother's small but powerful collection of weaponry?


Violence is everywhere; often times it is a necessary evil as we fight our war on terrorism; violence is a negative and sad bi-product of psychotics, sociopaths, and various other mentally ill individuals with violent outbursts and equally violent [and proven] pasts.

Controlling any item that has the possibility of being used as a weapon is akin to blaming The Professional Scuba Association International for the massacre in Norway not so long ago.

What this nation needs more than any executive, legislative, or judicial sanction against weapons is a system where mental health services are offered for little to no money, everywhere, at any time. Our Psychologists but specifically, our Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Government Employees need advanced education in identifying mental illness and/or signs of potential violence.

Did Adam Lanza's mother have any idea he may be violent? Had she seen him act out, speak words or express himself in a violent or questionable manner? Were her firearms locked up? Did Adam have the combination?

The point once again is that Adam Lanza had the desire and although he was essentially handed the means, if he truly desired to make this type of impact at his mother's school, he would have found a way.

Firearms are not to blame. Adam Lanza is definitely not to blame.

Our limited and over-priced mental health system is to blame.

Although her death is most unfortunate, Adam Lanza's mother is very much to blame.

Adam Lanza was sick.

During the height of the 14th Century and The Black Death, could we blame a young plague victim for sickening his neighbors and causing their eventual demise?


Once again, Adam Lanza was sick; his sickness resulted in the death of others. Finding a way to control the epidemic is the appropriate means to an end, hiding the disease is not.

Scott Gordon is the Principal Clinical Psychologist at:

Capital Therapy Group
717 King Street, Suite 210
Alexandria, VA 22314
(571) 970-5771