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Santa Rosa Consulting Announces EMR Activation Support with E2E Service Line

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Santa Rosa Consulting, Inc. announced a service line, "E2E Activation Support" that addresses the final and most critical stage of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementation. Implementing the EMR is the single largest change to clinical process, and having a proven team of clinicians and support personnel working "elbow to elbow" with client staff has proven to pay dividends for Santa Rosa clients.

"Implementing your new EMR is not only among the largest undertaking in terms of effort and expenditure; it represents a huge risk to patient care and the health of the enterprise if not managed effectively. The most vulnerable point in an EMR's implementation is the activation," says Mark Scruggs, Service Line President for Santa Rosa Consulting. "With E2E, our clients can enjoy increased confidence in a successful go-live."

Santa Rosa Consulting established "E2E Activation Support" to address the healthcare industry's needs for professional, cost effective "elbow to elbow" support for healthcare IT activations. The E2E management team has worked with over 100 organizations and has experience with more than 500 go-lives ranging from large academic institutions and pediatric hospitals to large multiple specialty clinics. Santa Rosa's E2E team has knowledge and experience working with all of the leading applications including but not limited to Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, Siemens and McKesson.

"Each activation requires a custom and flexible solution," says Barry Horton, Vice President, E2E Activation Support Practice Leader. "Drawing on our deep expertise, we design a specific set of services to fortify key clinical, financial and administrative areas. E2E from Santa Rosa may require a handful of key experts or up to several hundred professionals that work elbow to elbow with physicians and other clinicians to assist them through the go-live process."

E2E solutions provided by Santa Rosa include:

  • Pre go-live preparedness and readiness assessments
  • Physician elbow to elbow support by fellow Physicians
  • Elbow to elbow support of clinical resources working with clinical end user
  • Support in classroom and classroom training resources
  • Abstraction and data entry resources
  • Call center, help desk and command center support staff
  • Provider personalization via 1 on 1 Trainers

About Santa Rosa:
Santa Rosa Consulting provides management advisory services and technical consulting expertise across the full range of IT vendor products and systems, delivering solutions specifically designed to address the needs of the healthcare market. For more information, visit the company's website at or call 866.944.4772.