Press Release Headlines Announces Release of Book Devoted to Highly Collectible Sea Glass Pieces Discovered at World-Famous Davenport Beach

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., April 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — owner Krista Hammond, announces release of her first book Santa Cruz Sea Glass, the story behind the treasure. Featuring a full-color hardback cover complete with matching slipcase, Santa Cruz Sea Glass, the story behind the treasure includes 128 color pages encompassing photos and history about the highly collected sea glass found at Davenport beach; located 9 miles north of Santa Cruz, CA. Sea glass being man-made glass that is tumbled smooth by decades in the ocean waves and sand.  This book captures in striking detail the prized and favorite pieces found by Krista Hammond and her husband Tony Berkowitz, owners of With photography by Josie Iselin and developed in conjunction with the renowned Lundberg Studios, Santa Cruz Sea Glass, the story behind the treasure gives readers a visual delight and an intriguing story about this world famous, highly prized sea glass.

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Krista Hammond decided to write a book after years of collecting sea glass along the shores of the California coast. After discovering her first piece of sea glass at Davenport beach, Krista became fascinated by the multiple colors and shapes found there, and determined to find out the history of how this unique sea glass came about which is amassed in her book. The most prevalent sea glass found consists primarily of early 1900's bottle glass, the byproduct of city dumps in coastal communities in the years before recycling. What makes sea glass from Davenport so rare and distinctive is that it is not the result of a dump-site nor consists of bottle glass. The sea glass from Davenport is the result of the renowned Lundberg Studios, a premier art glass studio opened in 1970 by late founder James Lundberg.

The main motivation to publish Santa Cruz Sea Glass, the story behind the treasure is to share the discovery and history of the sea glass from Davenport with enthusiasts of sea glass from around the world. At no other known beach can such fantastically colored and shaped pieces be found, resulting in sea glass from Davenport to be highly desired. Readers of the book will find information as to color rarity of sea glass, as well as reference to specific Lundberg Studio creations that were transformed by the ocean into exceptional sea glass pieces.

"I hope the release of my book with give sea glass collectors and fans of our jewelry the opportunity to learn more about the rare sea glass from Davenport beach," commented Hammond. "This book is so much more than just a picture book, it is a lesson about human interaction with the ocean and provides a grateful testament to a one of its kind sea glass beach."

Krista Hammond will retail her book for $29.95 on the website and at numerous accounts, including the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center, Lundberg Studios, La Ventana Gallery, Village Sea Glass, and Pedro Point Sirens.

About Santa Cruz Sea Glass

Santa Cruz Sea Glass ( was founded in 2006 by Krista Hammond. Along with her husband, Tony Berkowitz, the couple creates handcrafted sea glass and silver jewelry, specializing in custom pieces for clients that demand high quality craftsmanship and flawless, unaltered pieces of sea glass. Founder of the Santa Cruz Sea Glass & Ocean Art Festival (  and official partner of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation ( since 2008, Krista Hammond currently is a chairperson on the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Advisory Council.

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