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The "Savvy Stews" Speak Out Against Proposed TSA Changes

LOS ANGELES, March 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Flight attendants, travel journalists and television correspondents Bobby Laurie & Gailen David, also known as "The Savvy Stews" (, are speaking out against the Transportation Security Administration's announcement to allow small knives, bats, hockey sticks, ski poles, and billiard cues into our nation's aircraft cabins.

"Various folks have been commenting that small knives no longer pose a threat and won't take down an airliner, even if that may be the case, they can take out a passengers first line of defense in the cabin: their flight attendant," said Laurie, a seven year flight attendant.

David, a former flight attendant, added "flight attendants are trained to secure the safety of the passengers aboard their aircraft and since September 11, 2001 there have been various air-rage incidents which could have been escalated to a more severe level if knives were involved."

The Savvy Stews point out that allowing these once prohibited items into the cabin is not just about using them to commandeer an aircraft, it's about them falling into the hands of a passenger who may have too much to drink, someone who may be upset over a customer service situation that doesn't end in their favor or a slew of other scenarios. "It's one more thing that we as flight attendants have to look out for, think about possibly happening, and prepare to handle if the situation should it happen," commented Laurie.

"Passengers should be a bit wary about allowing these items in cabins as well, they could be sitting next to someone who becomes agitated and whom happens to have a knife and tries to use it, even if just for shock value," David stated. "That's why we're taking a stand and asking everyone we encounter through our travels and those who visit our website, and those websites connected to our network, to sign the official petition on the White House's website and let our voices be heard."

Shawn Kathleen Howard, a flight attendant and travel journalist who operates the Savvy Stews network website Rants of a Sassy Stew (, added, "When we took this job, weapons were not an issue. Knives haven't been allowed on planes since 2001 and they still aren't allowed in our Nation's courts, The Capital or any other place where they can do harm. Let's continue to keep them off of our airplanes."

The Savvy Stews ask fellow flight attendants, pilots, aviation professionals, business travelers, frequent fliers, and even those who only travel once a year to take a stand with them and sign the official petition by visiting: .

"Let's continue to keep our skies safe and our cabins a comfortable stress-free environment."

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