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Back to School & DRUNK AGAIN… Thanks to Xanax, Girls Are Becoming 'Cheap Drunks' According to One Author/Expert

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12, 2012 – For millions of college students it's Back to School time, and they're DRUNK AGAIN, with approximately 49% of full-time college students (almost 4 million) admitting to not just drinking alcohol, but "binge drinking," even intending to blackout. About 1.8 million of those students (18-22 years old) already meet medical criteria for substance abuse/dependence. (i)

While this is frightening enough, the more alarming problem is the prevalence and ease of acquiring prescription drugs, being used to either get high or self-medicate, and the dangerous (sometimes fatal) interactions that have continued to rise sharply amongst our nation's "best and brightest." The most common drugs being abused: Adderrall, Xanax, Ambien, OxyContin, Vicodin, and Prozac. Xanax, it's widely known on campus (especially with girls), will get you drunker faster, meaning you consume less (calories and money — both important to college women) and get a more intense effect — fun for some, but landing others in the hospital or morgue.

Interviews show students have an ambivalent attitude, the perception that they're taking "medicine" instead of real drugs, and that the positive possibilities (increased social skills, academic performance, mood enhancement, weight loss) outweigh the negative consequences (vomiting, hangovers, headaches, missing classes, poisoning, blackouts, dizziness, and even death). The current literature, education and warnings being provided are being completely dismissed, and one brother-sister team has set out to do something about it!

Sonja Landis (Author, Motivational Speaker, and her brother Nick Pobutsky (College Spring Break Event/Travel Planner, decided to combine their skills and address the problem with a NEW Student Guide (How To Not Pee on Yourself: A Guide to Drug-Alcohol Interactions) written not for the approval of parents, faculty, staff… but directly FOR the students, in a conversational, trendy way they can relate to.

"We wrote this Resource Guide to impact the students, instead of spouting out the same facts and warnings. We use real examples, true stories of public humiliation, and slang in the way many students talk. Not everyone is going to approve of what we say, but if it's going to change people's lives, our job is done. We're not going to tell them to stop drinking, because it's absolutely unrealistic, and will fall to deaf ears. We ARE going to point out things that WILL matter to them, like peeing on oneself and being eternally ridiculed for it, because at this point in their lives, THAT'S what matters," says Sonja.

"We're looking for other Professionals to contribute to the Guide for a 2nd edition, and media avenues to talk candidly/realistically about this growing epidemic on campuses."

Sonja Landis travels the country, educating and empowering college students with numerous life, business, personal, career, and communication skills for success. for booking events and media interviews.

Contact: Sonja Landis


(i), Aug 2011. USA Today: "Wasting the Best and the Bright: Substance Abuse at America's Colleges and Universities"

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