Press Release Headlines 5.0 Debuts with Deep Web Technologies' New Search Interface

"Smart" clustering and a mashup of Wikipedia and Science news creates richer user experience

SANTA FE, N.M., Sept. 18, 2008 — The Alliance, consisting of representatives from 13 federal government science agencies, has launched the 5.0 version of (, its acclaimed US scientific research site. Chief among the new features is an upgraded federated search interface developed by Deep Web Technologies which includes "smart" clustering, a science news feed and an encyclopedia sidebar from Wikipedia that provide a context for the "science attentive" citizen and other researchers.

"Just as science advances only if knowledge is shared, science is accelerated if shared faster and better," said Dr. Walter Warnick, the Director of the U.S. DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information, who conceived of "Sharing science knowledge faster and better is precisely what 5.0 does. It allows anyone with Internet access to easily search the results of the government's huge research and development program – via a single query, and it returns results in relevance rank order. Built on an advanced federated search architecture, 5.0 is a milestone for the acceleration of science." 5.0's upgraded interface includes Deep Web Technologies Explorit Research Accelerator's "smart clustering," unique relevance-ranked clusters that allow the user to see the most prevalent topics in the results. It also retrieves and displays entries from Wikipedia that relate to the user's search. The results screen delivers relevance-ranked search results in the center, complemented by clusters that assist in visually navigating results in the left side-bar and links to supporting content on the right side-bar.

"With this new interface, we're creating a richer user experience and taking a deeper dive into scientific data," said Abe Lederman, founder and CTO of Deep Web Technologies. "We provide one-stop access to high-quality research that lives in the 'deep web,' research that users would not easily obtain – whether they're scientists or science buffs."

The breadth of information scanned and retrieved has expanded significantly in 5.0. It searches a number of sources from the DOE Science Accelerator such as DOepatents and DOE R&D Accomplishments. Also searched is the E-print Network, a large, federated search application developed by Deep Web Technologies. As a result, one search of the E-print Network ( in creates a cascading effect of searches within searches, delivering results users might never have uncovered.

Deep Web Technologies' Explorit Research Accelerator has powered since its groundbreaking launch five years ago. Using Deep Web Technologies' federated search engine, created a single gateway to the scientific information output of most of the Federal government. now federates 200 million pages of authoritative information, including research and development results. is also the United States information contribution to, a global scientific research portal.

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Deep Web Technologies ( creates custom, sophisticated federated search solutions for clients who demand precise, accurate results. Founded by industry thought-leader and "deep web" pioneer Abe Lederman, Deep Web Technologies created the powerful Explorit Research Accelerator, software that searches, retrieves, aggregates and analyzes content from deep web databases – data that is inaccessible to general search engines. Serving Fortune 500 companies, the Alliance, the U.S. Department of Energy, the Defense Technical Information Center,, and a variety of research and library alliances, Deep Web Technologies has built a reputation as the "researcher's choice" for its advanced, agile information discovery tools.

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