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New Self-Help Book "The Journey to I Do" Provides Relationship Advice Based on the Law of Attraction

Author Ellany Kincross provides exercise and meditations for exploring the inner self while pursuing romance

ORANGE, Calif., Feb. 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — We all share the universal dream of finding the right partner. The search to find Mr. or Ms. Right is based on the experiences we have in the dating scene. In many cases, these experiences leave us feeling broken-hearted, disillusioned and frustrated. In recent years, we've been introduced to the term law of attraction. However, many people are unable to see the connection between their law of attraction qualities and the people they meet and date. Ellany T. Kincross' new book, The Journey to I Do: A Psychic's Guide to Finding the Right Relationship, provides an opportunity for the reader to view his or her inner landscape, address unresolved issues and change their law of attraction.

The book contains three sections and comprises seventeen chapters. The chapters explore topics such as: soul mates, forgiveness, baggage, cutting psychic cords, cheating, healing and commitment. Two exercises found at the end of each chapter have been designed to assist the reader in determining whether they are neutral or are triggered by the topic discussed. The exercises are Key Points for Reflection and Journaling and A Meditation to Assist the Journey.

"The journey to finding the right relationship can be easy when you know the steps you need to take," Kincross says. "Once you have an understanding of the role that the law of attraction plays in your life, you will be better suited to address those blocks, heal them and put yourself in the right alignment to meet the partner of your dreams. It is that easy!"

The Journey to I Do: A Psychic's Guide to Finding the Right Relationship retails for $12.95 and can be found wherever books are sold.

Ellany Kincross is a third-generation psychic, sensitive and healer who has been doing readings for over fifteen years. She began having psychic impressions and premonitions at a young age. Her most powerful premonition was seeing the destruction of 9/11 the day before it happened. For additional information about Ellany Kincross, see her website:

Ellany Kincross