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SentinelAgent Passes Guardian Role to their Certified VARs and MSPs with new PRIME Partner Program

SentinelAgent PRIME Partner Program members given turn-key channel operation to deliver the industry's only true cloud Windows monitoring solution.

MONTREAL, June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Today, SentinelAgent announced its new PRIME partner and referral program for MSPs and VARs specialized in delivering cutting-edge network managed services.  Using the latest self-service technologies to simplify onboarding and expedite productivity, the SentinelAgent PRIME program promises to transform how SaaS resellers and referral agents work with their vendor partners to maximize profits and eliminate channel conflict.

"We're a channel-centric sales organization with years of partnering experience. We knew we couldn't only rely on the merits of our unique cloud-based RMM system (Remote Monitoring and Management) to succeed – we also had to make it easy for our partners to achieve certification, pursue marketing initiatives and fulfill orders with best-in-class support," said George Melas, CEO of SentinelAgent.   "Our partner program is a reflection of our software; powerful and dynamic. It's not always easy, but that's the way it has to be in an industry where peak performance in all facets of the supply chain is not just expected, it's demanded."

SentinelAgent is a secure, 100% cloud-based Windows® monitoring system that uses the latest in Microsoft Azure® cloud technology with an ultra-lightweight agent-based SaaS design and sleek web interface to capture, organize and analyze event logs, hardware & software inventory and performance metrics (Perfmons & WMI) in real-time from any number of Microsoft Windows®desktops, laptops or servers on a given network.  Coupled with easy large-scale deployment features, real-time notifications and zero cost of ownership, SentinelAgent is poised to be a game-changer in the monitoring world.

"We're kicking off an aggressive partner recruiting campaign to find 30 qualified MSPs/VARs in major U.S. and Canadian cities who provide network resource support to their customer base and are looking for a feature-rich, budget sensitive solution with no physical location limitations" explained Ken Beam, Director of Alliances.  Beyond the generous compensation and revenue generating plan, inaugural SentinelAgent PRIME partners will automatically be enrolled in the 'SentinelAgent PRIME Advisory Council', receive pre-qualified leads for their exclusive territory, enjoy full protection for registered opportunities and be able to self-manage all product ordering/distribution. "This is one of those rare opportunities.  SentinelAgent has the most exciting co-branded marketing capabilities I've experience in over 30 years of managing Channels," added Mr. Beam.

SentinelAgent PRIME Partner Program candidates can apply for membership at Email or call 1-877-990-4992.

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SentinelAgent is a Montreal-based ISV dedicated to building cutting-edge cloud tools for IT driven organizations by delivering actionable intelligence to competent resources.   Whether for network administration or software development, SentinelAgent products are the leanest, most cost effective event log, inventory and performance monitoring tools on the market today.  To learn more about SentinelAgent and its products, visit

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