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SEO Watchdog Takes the Guesswork Out of Finding a Good SEO Provider

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 19, 2008 — With businesses exploding across the Internet, being able to hold those top spots on today's hottest search engines is more important than ever before. Companies specializing in SEO services have boomed in the last decade; however, not all of them have got what it takes to send a site flying up the ladder of success.

That's why SEO Watchdog is standing guard at the gate.

"If done properly, (SEO) is one of the most profitable and effective ways for owners to procure sales leads," says owner and SEO expert Charles Preston. "However, inexperienced or unscrupulous companies are running rampant."

SEO Watchdog is the first consumer reporting and quality assurance verification service for the search engine optimization industry. The scam-busters of the Internet marketing business, SEO watchdog offers consumers the chance to come get the cold, hard facts on today's SEO providers straight from the horse's mouth.

"The intention behind consumer reporting is to make things a little more transparent in the SEO industry and to give consumers access to first-hand, uncontrived reviews of SEO providers," states Preston.

SEO Watchdog is dedicated to ensuring that honesty is the order of the day, and that includes keeping false reviewers at bay. That's why every report posted through their consumer forum is verified before being released for public consumption.

"We require some kind of proof from the consumer making the report that clearly shows that they did in fact have a working relationship with the SEO provider they are reporting. This applies to positive reports as well as negative. Obviously we want to prevent SEO providers from submitting fake negative reports about their competitors and/or fake positive reports about themselves," emphatically states Charles Preston.

SEO Watchdog also serves as a verification center for providers, offering them the chance to put their marketing practices under the scrutiny of a leading SEO expert and prove they are dedicated to high-quality SEO, ethics and results. Companies that make the grade have the opportunity to step up and grab a larger chunk of the market share; companies that don't will naturally lose business and eventually drive themselves out of the running.

SEO Watchdog brings providers and consumers together to create great working relationships built on trust and mutual respect, a motto which founder Charles Preston has taken to heart. A marketer in the days when SEO marketing was just beginning to come into its own, Preston has used his candid views on marketing to knock down the walls surrounding the SEO industry.

"What is unique about SEO as an industry is that it is a relatively new field and it is very technical. Most business owners who simply wanted to get better sales leads didn't have enough correct information to make it easy for them to choose a good SEO provider," says Preston about his early days in SEO. "I always thought that it didn't make sense that a consumer had to teach themselves about an arcane technical subject just to find a good service provider."

With SEO Watchdog, they don't have to.

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