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New Service Sets Three Core Standards for Best Freelance Copywriters

Higher standards to help find professional copywriters for advertising, branding and direct marketing

CHICAGO, Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — today introduced a set of standards the service urges the advertising industry to embrace to cut "through the sea of marginal freelance copywriters" now offering services around the world.

"The push for search engine optimization and online content creation has produced a glut of writers globally who are more capable with keywords than concepts. Countless online services offer thousands of would-be writers as freelancers, but those writers often have little to no experience, especially not with the kind of strategic copywriting required for advertising and branding. Cutting through this sea of marginal freelance copywriters takes time and, often, leaves clients getting burned," according to Chuck Kent, creator of  "Setting clear standards makes finding truly professional freelance copywriting much easier."

Kent listed the three standards that requires of its own members, criteria that he believes should be adopted industry-wide to define the irreducible minimum for anyone calling themselves a professional freelance copywriter:

1. Proven, validated work on major national and international brands.

2. More than 10 years successful copywriting experience inside major agencies.

3. Full-time freelance commitment (not moonlighting from an agency job).

"When someone can answer 'yes' to all three, we find that creative opportunity is dramatically increased and creative risk is brought down to almost nothing," Kent said. is provided by Creative on Call, Inc., the Chicago area creative services company that provides brand strategies and communications on a fully managed project basis.  There is no charge to use service, either to writers or prospective clients.  Chuck Kent is a longtime New York and Chicago-based creative director and copywriter with large agencies, and has created campaigns for some of the world's best-known brands.

Chuck Kent