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Shifting to the New Earth: Avoiding Physical Death, Creating a New Body and Ascending Are Options

OZARK, Mo., April 7, 2009 — A "wake-up call" that bridges scientific concepts with spiritual concepts for the benefit of mankind best describes Dr. Robert E. Pettit's non-fiction book "You Can Avoid Physical Death – Physical Body Ascension to the New Earth" (published by iUniverse). First-time author Pettit reveals why between Now and 2012 dramatic changes will take place upon this low-frequency Earth that will affect everyone — regardless of whether or not they believe changes are occurring and will continue to occur.

"Many humans appear to be spiritually asleep and unaware that the Creators of this Universe will allow the Earth to stop supporting life upon its surface in order to cleanse itself," Pettit explains. "Simultaneously, a parallel higher-frequency New Earth is forming. As a result, humans have for the first time an option to avoid facing physical death, create a new body, and ascend to that New Earth."

All available evidence indicates that three years from December 2009 — at the end of a 25,000-year cycle — all of man's physical creations will gradually disappear and Earth will become uninhabitable because of a lack of drinking water, food, and oxygen. All humans will be leaving the old Earth. Those who qualify will ascend to the "New Earth." Qualification involves shifting to a higher frequency called Unity (Christ) Consciousness that is devoid of sickness, suffering, pain, wars and a lack of food or shelter.

"You Can Avoid Physical Death" discusses how humans have an opportunity to shift from a low-frequency duality state of consciousness into a high-frequency spiritually based Unity (Christ) consciousness, free from manipulation and control. This book should appeal to those interested in making sense of what is happening on Earth currently in terms of Universal cycles, a changing economy, global warming, Earth changes, weather changes and why humans must experience these events. Also the reader should better understand that within a schoolroom, Earth, all experiences have a purpose and are related to Universal Laws.

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Dr. Pettit spent seven years at the University of Missouri, 26 years at Texas A&M University in research and teaching Plant Pathology and Plant Biochemistry. Upon retirement he formed the "Subtle Energy Research Cooperation," a non-profit research group intent on understanding how to manipulate a multitude of subtle energy patterns for the betterment of mankind.

"You Can Avoid Physical Death – Physical Body Ascension to the New Earth"

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