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Shoestring Start-Up Kijome Software Introduces "BigDay!" Reminder App. Takes 3rd Place At SF App Show Against VC Funded Competition

WASHOUGAL, Wash., Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Kijome Software LLC, a small privately funded  development company, announced the release of their iOS App "BigDay!" recently at the San Francisco App Show to a live audience of over 200 professionals in the internet and mobile app space. Joe Bruzda, Co-Founder of Kijome Software had 6 minutes to present the BigDay! concept on stage, and at the end of the event the attendees showed their support for their favorite apps by downloading them. BigDay! came in third place, ahead of apps that were heavily capitalized by private investors. One such app was in their 3rd round of VC funding with $55 Million in backing. There were 10 apps that presented during the 1-hour show.

When asked at the beginning of his stage time what his "elevator pitch" was for BigDay!, Bruzda responded: "BigDay! is designed to help users never forget another special day in the lives of people they care about, and to help the user always buy the perfect gift." Bruzda went on to show a 90-second video presentation of the BigDay! app for the iPhone with the following key points:

  • Users can quickly and easily bring all of the significant people in their lives into BigDay! either by importing from Facebook, their iPhone contact list, or manually.
  • Those imported from Facebook will also bring their photo and birthday if that was made public by the friend on their Facebook account.
  • BigDay! has an important social aspect. Once contacts are loaded, users can send automatic invitations to them to join the app and create an exclusive social network within BigDay!
  • As events are entered and made public, they are automatically shared among friend's BigDay! calendars. All users can elect to unsubscribe from any event at any time.
  • An automatic reminder of friend's events are sent 2-weeks in advance as a push notification to the user's phone or additionally to email. Another reminder is sent the morning of the event.
  • All users have the opportunity to browse over 450 stores within the app, to indicate their favorites, and to make comments. These effectively become wish-lists for gifts wanted.
  • When prompted for an event, users can view the event and immediately see the friend's favorite stores and gift wish list.
  • Shopping from BigDay! can be done from your mobile devices or from the associated website.

Gina Smith, well known tech journalist and Hostess of the SF App Show, asked Bruzda if the release of Facebook Gift was a concern to Kijome Software? Bruzda responded: "Quite the contrary! We are thrilled to see Facebook release a product that completely validates the concept of BigDay! While they have done a good job within their platform, Facebook Gift limits the audience to Facebook users and also restricts gift selection to those pre-selected by Facebook. BigDay! on the other hand has no limitations on who you can honor on their special days, so you can include friends, family and even business associates from LinkedIn, Google+ or elsewhere. Plus we have 100's of stores and literally millions of items to choose from. It is this ability to track the special events for everyone in your busy life and the convenience of shopping from your mobile devices or home computer that we believe will make BigDay! a success."

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Kijome Software LLC
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